Sony, Panasonic Working Together to Push OLED TV Panels into Living Rooms



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OLED is a is a promising television technology but I am not sure it can compete unless they can get the cost down very quickly.
LCD's and Plasma started out expensive compared to CRT but they had the HDTV switchover and a slim form factor to push them until they were cost effective. OLED may have a better picture quality but most TV buyers already have their HDTV and price is the thing that sells most TV's.
Good luck OLED but I fear your too late to the party.



Are the panels going to be 4k? Until that time I really don't see the need to upgrade.



i hope sony makes a nice comeback in the TV business, for a long time they were the best name in image quality and reliability. Panasonic makes the best plasma screens and arguably the best image quality too, i can see this new marriage lasting a while.



OLED will be to CrystalLED as Plasma was to LCD.

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