Sony Leads Charge in Surging Smart TV Market



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Smart TV's huh? Oh you mean limited computer with big monitor? OH, I already have one of those but the comupter is significantly more powerful. PASS.



This Smart TV trend is a bad idea.
These "Smart" TVs are designed to work with outside content providers - many of these will not be around forever. I plan to use my TV for more than 5 or 6 years. Hulu Plus? It will not be around very long. This is a gimmick. 10 years from now, that menu with dead applications will look very, very stupid on your TV.



With all due respect, part of if not most of what ends up in firmware updates pushed by the TV mfg's is additions & subtractions of content providers and GUI updates for the respective services. So to say that you'll have menus with dead applications comes off a bit ill-informed. Blockbuster went bye bye from TiVo's smart DVRs and TiVo removed them off the menu system within a reasonable period of time.

There are app links in Sony's current list that don't always fire-away anyhow - for whatever reason - but trust me, the ones like YouTube, Vudu, Hulu, etc etc get a lot of traction by an ever growing base of consumers - and although there will be inevitable consolidation in providers, the "smart" in smart TV's is now a fact of life.

"this isn't your daddy's Oldsmobile" readily comes to mind...



I would have thought it was Samsung, not Sony.
Very interesting indeed...

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