Sony Launches Line of Affordable Vaio Fit Laptops Starting at $549



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Last time I worked on a Vaio, it had a proprietary H/D that was relatively inaccessible (compared to getting to the H/D on other lappys).

Between this, their proprietary "memory stick" technology and the fact that their stuff breaks after five years (I'm almost convinced there's a 5 year timer that goes off in their products), I've completely sworn off Sony products.

There's far too many better manufacturers out there more deserving of my money.



Note that if you load these up they will be priced accordingly. I'm more curious if you can get any kind of decent GPU (7770 performance would be fine, whatever nvidia mobile does that) or stuff a hard drive or SSD in the optical drive slot 1080+blue ray is nice, but between steam and USB sticks, I really don't need optical, I do want both the capacity of magnetic and the speed of SSD (Sony includes a hybrid option, but I suspect I'd rather have a ~128G SSD).

I guess its kind of obvious I won't be leaving my desktop soon.



Those are some unusual prices for SONY -the apple of PCs- when it comes to making you pay for a brand. I guess that that is a good start. Keep it up, SONY!

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