Sony Finally Profiting from PlayStation 3 Console Sales



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I think if the PS3 didn’t have a blu-ray player, no one would buy one. Yes they offer free online gaming through the playstation network, but it's a joke and far behind “Xbox Live” in maturity. Online multiplayer games is what sell’s now days, that’s where the money’s at…

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If you ask me Sony needs a new gameplan. Nintendo has been making profit on the Wii hardware for a couple years now. That's why all the Nintendo naysayers really can't say "Oh Nintendo is gonna die" cause in reality as a gaming company (which is what they are in the first place), they make quite a bit of money in what they do, and have quite a bit of cash reserves to sit in when they do have rough spots, like with Virtual Boy, N64 etc....



I pray to god sony and microsoft doesn't take nintendos game plan. Yes, no one can deny nintendo makes boat loads of cash. But nintendo is the walmart of video game systems. They don't make money from selling superior products, they make money from selling mediocre technology at bargain basement prices and throwing in a gimmick (motion control, 4 person play, a light gun, a worthless robot) to push marketing. And then follow up with some solid family oriented titles.

If anything, nintendo holds back the gaming industry. Look at the gameboy for example. It has run everything else out of business. The turbo graphics express, the atari links, the sega game gear, and soon to be the sony psp. All vastly superior to the game boy which didn't even have a color screen or a back light. But they couldn't compete with nintendos bargain basement prices. The game boy didn't see any real significant update until the psp entered the market and forced them to move to newer technology. Even then they have moved at a snails pace and a new mobile phone has more graphics potential than the average gameboy.

Mircrosoft and sony lose money on their consoles because they are using cutting edge technology that doesn't come cheap. They aren't concerned with the cost of the console, they are concerned with making the baddest video gaming platform on the planet. They know they will make the money back in royalties.

So, if you want cutting edge next gen tech, don't you dare wish for these companies to switch to nintendos strategy. If they do we will be playing ps3s and xbox 360s for the next 20 years until another company comes around to force a change.



Its been reported almost a year ago that Sony was now making money on the PS3. Who to believe? I dont really care to dig up the article so ill just ignore it. Kinda like the whole verizon getting the iPhone deal. No one really knows anything. After 4 years my PS3 would still be a usefull console but Sony failed to make this a Media Center Console like they promised. They needed linux to do it and they scrapped it. They needed Home and Home turned out to be a very expensive joke. They needed Game developers to include features in their games that Microsoft made sure their games all had and the developers flipped them and us the bird. They needed to make sure all gamers had atleast one title from each genre worth owning and yet sim racers are still left out out in the cold while FPS games are a dime a dozen. Most of them literally worth nothing but a dime. They needed wothwhile apps to connect the PC with our various devices like Android and iPhone as well as the PC or mac and where are they? Microsoft has already tied in the Xbox with the PC and Sony while having the freedom to do it has not. That media option does not cut it. Plus it took a private developer to even make it as worthwhile as it is thanks to the PS3 Media Server. Peronally ive had no choice but to look at the PC for my gaming which ive never done before. I gotta say its not bad. 



I think the PS3 will be realavant for at least another 4-5 years.  It has solid hardware and still a lot of room to grow.  If Sony was to ever allow it to be a more open platform I was say at leat 8 years then. 



Well the NES had a really long run.  In fact some of the games coming out at the end took the hardware to places they didn't think it could do.  I think the PS3 with the blu-ray player will help it live longer.  It also looks like in the article that xbox and ps3 are both trying to extend the life a little with the new controllers.  But I don't see the PS3 being considered a major gaming platform for another 4 year (and no way another 8).  The PS3's hardware is about 4 years old already.  PC rigs are killing them with grapchis (they even do 3d gaming, granted maybe something the ps3 will do as well not just blu-ray 3d playback).  But I guess it depends one what each other do.  If the big 3 keep the current systems in place then they can ride them longer, but someone will fire off the first shoot and start the next system race.  But I don't think they have fully learned to take the current consoles to their full abilities (like the NES at the end). 

 But they still sell the ps2 it's 11 years old, but it's not a major gaming platform anymore. 



You really can't campare PC's and consoles anymore, nor really compare todays consoles with yesterdays consoles. Not when it comes to maxing out limits.

The deal with the NES AND SNES is that they were based on cartridge technology. So of course they were able to push the consoles to the extreme limits in later years because they were able to add extra chips and co-processors on the games themselves to take the console to new heights. So in a way, consoles of the past were similar to PC's because they hey had some ability to expand the hardware.

Today, games coming out in late in the consoles lifespan AREN'T going to look that much better than when the console first came out. Why do you think PC games are looking that much better than current gen consoles? Because of hardware expansion. PC developers have more headroom because of new hardware always coming out. This is all because of consoles now being disc based. So then developers for console games are confined to JUST to what they have. They can't add a Super FX Chip, or a SA-1 chip like Nintendo did in the past. They have to wait for a whole new console to come out.

So yeah NES had a long life span, but only because of ability to add more chips in games.

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