Sony Exec: ebooks Will Leapfrog Physical Books in 5 Years



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 Of course, physical books will be around forever and there are quite a few of them (like a trillion or so). But for richer nations the trend towards e-book readers will be unstoppable. I have an e-book reader and  one of out of every two books I read is on it (rest are from the library).

I have started going down this irreversible path by recycling any physiclal book I own once I have it in digital form. That included 20 years worth of Fine Woodworking magazines once the archives came out on DVD.

  Now how many people under 30 actually read novels these days is more of a question. It's not that they are illiterate, it's just there are so many things to do with your time these days. Something like 20%+ of Americans under 30 have no religious affiliation, who has time for church? The same with reading.

The other thing is that there will soon be a common format (E-Pub is a start) and then DRM will be cracked so there will be a ton of books out there for the reader. Imagine a dual layer DVD or 20 GB USB drive with nothing but SciFi or Mystery books. It would last you a lifetime..

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