Sony Cutting 16,000 Jobs



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So there are others like me that stoped buying anything SOny. I will never forgive the rootkit and now the Securom DRM along with everything being propriatary. There are so many other choices and it looks like many of us are making those other choices.



The other day I was looking at blu-ray players but I decided they just don't cost enough. I'll wait until they go up $100 or so and THEN I'll buy one for sure.


Talcum X

 Making the target customer base even smaller is not the answer.  People have less expendable money to buy non esential items like home electronics.  So by increasing the price, even less people will buy them. Best to sell many more at less profit than very little with more profit.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



Sony, try cutting back on your addiction to all things proprietary.



... before they do anything of that sort. In fact, they'll admit that their precious P.O.S. 3 is a caricature of every misconception of the original XBOX before they do anything like that.

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