Sony Cuts The Price of Tablet S Lineup By $100



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Tablets are still in their infancy and IMO not worth it for me. My sister and her BF just bought an Acer, and short of playing Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds at the dinner table, there's not much it has to offer. In the car? I'm driving. At work? I sit at a desk all day. In the living room? My HTPC crushes any tablet. I can still spend $600 on a nice gaming desktop computer and while it's not as portable, I get alot more horse-power. You start to talk about the $200 price-range and now I'm getting interested.


I feel bad for all these companies that use the Ipad's "success" as a model for their own. They may have made alot of money, but Apple is really ***king people on those things just so their goombas can have a new shiney. That's not a market that anyone else can join- you just watch and laugh. Hopefully in a few years Android will have snuffed out iOS and we won't have to hear it.

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