Sony Confident that It Can Make a Kick-Ass Tablet



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Sony always seem to fail when it comes to portable media devices. Their closest device coming close to success is maybe the UMD-movies for the PSP...and who even buys those anymore? Their MiniDisc players anyone? And how about their MP3 players? Or that Sony mini PC MiMo thing? Did you know that Sony also makes netbooks? Well apparently, even people didn't know that.  So how are they expecting this tablet to be an iPad killer? Everyone has an iPod these days. I see another Sony portable media device that is about to fail again. Or if it doesn't fail, it won't come close to scratching the iPad.



If Sony can make a PS3 tablet that can: boot a custom user friendly OS that allows for common netbook apps, play PS3 games on the go, play BD movies and plug to a regular TV using good ole HDMI I will officially buy a PS3 tablet edition. 

In the meantime my laptops, PCs and Xboxes are enough. 



If it looks like that I wouldn't buy it.

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