Sony CEO on Music: We Should Have "Gone With Open Technology From The Start"



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A new PSP!  One that plays the same, a little better MP3 player and has the same functionality as an iTouch.  I want a better web bro. then what we have.  Oh and stream video.  Then i'd be happy and would gladly buy it!  I love my PSP


I Jedi

If Sony really wants to change the way it does business, then they'd best do it now while they're still afloat.. This is the new age of business..



Sony is beyond redemption. We can only hope that they drown in a pile of unsold CDs.




CDs aren't proprietary technology, so that death wouldn't symbolic enough.



Definitely this was my reason for steering clear of Sony.  Always tender to see someone have a change of heart, *sniff* but you don't win back customers just by admitting you're stupid. 

If they weren't strugging financially, they'd have no regrets and keep pushing for the "once you buy something from us, you'll have to buy everything from us" approach (with no noticeable benefit over the alternatives, as others have noted).



Does this mean no more stupid Sony Memory Stick formats?  I refused to buy any Sony cameras, MP3 players etc. because of their stubborn insistence on selling a proprietary format that (was supposed to) lined their pockets but did not offer any advantage over SD cards?



Does that mean standard usb connectors on SONY gear? SD cards? and such? if so I will consider them on my list of potential products to buy.



In a post iTunes world, I'm not sure that it's good enough to do something well in the music selling industry. You have to do something innovative. Now that music is almost all DRM free online, anyone else is just one more music store that jumped on the bandwagon.




where is the link for the full interview?


As for Sony, their acknowledgement of past failed business strategy is merely wolf in sheep skin.  Sony's hubris and greed lead to their own demise.  I have no sympathy for a business that intend to use its size to bully proprietary technology into mainstream consumer usage.  The fact that it takes this long for them to come forth publicly with this realization shows a still recalcitrant Sony.  Sony have alienated its core customers, failed to compete with neighboring Asian manufacturers, and reduced is market share.  Well done!  





Looks like someone had an appointment with a proctologist recently.

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