Sony Blames $2.1 Billion Loss on Weak TV Sales, Thailand Floods



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Is Sony still relevant in any markets? I just stopped to think about how many Sony products I have in my home. One boom box from the late 1980's. It still works so I guess that says something...



could it also be due to the fact that sony does a lot of annoying things in their products that make people think twice about buying them? Like making the memory stick on the vita proprietary and expensive, or putting the tripod attachment for the bloggy on the side instead of the top.

Attention sony designers.....THINK! Pretend your a consumer...what would YOU want?...Now go build it the right way.



don't remember exactly when sony was hacked repeatedly but their services in multiple countries were affected which I am sure must have contributed to some loss.



Care to elaborate how exactly those floods affected sales? The flood only affected Bangkok ALONE. How would that affect such a worldwide company? If anyone knows let me know. I was in Bangkok at the time of the floods as well.

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