Sony And Warner Smell Blood In The Water, Gearing Up To Sue Grooveshark



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This isn't really news. Anyone who thought GrooveShark was legal or moral is either a total idiot, or a complete idiot.



Either the CEO is a complete idiot for putting this in an email,  "papertrail,' or it's fabricated by Universal.  Additionally how would Universal have come into possession of such emails?  Something doesn't seam right with this.  This email would have been the last thing I would have sent if CEO.  If I were going to make a comment in such a capacity it would have been verbal.  I personally think it's Universal trying be greedy dicks again.



wikipedia slash "payola"






I don't even care anymore, it's getting to the point that I won't have anything to do with major labels anyways, either bands are gonna start releasing their own shit (Which is becoming increasingly popular due to how much more money they make and how much more availability it gives the consumer) or I'mma just stop listening to music all together, at least in that regard.


I've spent hella money on my audio equipment and honestly the way I can currently get my music and the quality it comes in an't worth it, pretty well a waste. I don't got the money I used to, i can't afford spending hundreds of dollars a month in CD's, the whole ordeal is just becoming more of a money sink and headache then pleasure.


The above is a good example of why the music industry is failing, I should not feel that way, I should not be limited to what i can enjoy from a culture's gift simply because I'm not wealthy, I should not be limiting my equipment simply because I won't spend tons of cash. I will not continue to do so, I said I was gonna drop Spotify over it's bs from earlier, and I did but that wasn't the only reason. The audio quality was horrendous, even with paid. It wasn't worth my investment and so they lost it.

It's been proven time and again, if you don't beat the consumers over the head with the law book and what THEY (As in the label companies) think things should cost, the revenue increase far outweighs the loss per sale. Because of their greed they are losing out on consumers like myself who love music, and do whatever I can to support it, whatever little or lot it may be, fucking idiots.

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