Sony and Partners Announce New Blu-ray Licensing Firm, Player Pricing to Drop by Mid-Year



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I recently upgraded from standad DVD to BD and I was somewhat impressed by the image and sound quality but had it not been that I was lucky enough to get an HDTV and the BD player at lower than average prices I would still be in the waiting game. Yes, the new format brings a lot more interaction with the disc content and HDMI does bring out enhanced sound quality but there is really not that much more bang than that.



I bought an HDTV right before the superbowl and picked up an upconverting dvd player.

If BD players were cheaper at the time I would've bought one. Whether I buy the BD discs vs DVDs though is an entirely different matter. Until the price of the media goes down there is not much to be excited about.



I still have to buy a new TV....and still pay a premium for the media. Nah, I'll skip it, thanks. This isn't like the jump from magnetic tape to optical disc. The average schmoe can't simply upgrade with a player.



Assuming someone already owns an HDTV, Netflix charges $1 more per month to rent Blu-ray flicks.



Did you forget what happens when you assume?

 You forgot to assume US residency, and a desire to be a Netflix member.





Based on a recently announced year-over-year profit increase to the tune of 45 percent (during an economic downturn, no less) and a 26 percent increase in membership over one year ago, it wasn't much of an assumption.

-Paul Lilly

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