Some Windows 7 Upgrades Could Take Over 20 Hours To Complete



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It always takes longer than you think to do an upgrade.



Clean install is better anyway :/



Remember when Microsoft used to promise that updates would be done in-place without needing a restart?  Petridge Farm remembers....



What does this have to do with an UPGRADE?



I dual boot XP and 7 RC 64-bit.  My XP Program Files folder has 150 items.  I haven't reinstalled since January 2006.

While I'd like to be able to do an in-place upgrade from the 7 RC to the final version (the option wasn't available when I tried doing it with the RTM release), I am probably going to have to clean install it again.

It would sure take me a long ass time if I ever have to reinstall XP though.  At least I don't have to do that!

BTW, if I buy the upgrade version of Windows 7, will it let me do a clean install on another partition and dual boot?



 Seems like a no brainer to me.  Spend 30 minutes installing on a new drive, then copy the data during down time.  Why would an IT pro even attempt to do an in-place upgrade with 650GB of data and hundreds of apps anyway?  That seems like a recipe for disaster to me.


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I was planning a clean install anyway; it's not really that bad.  Since I've had my rig, I've reinstalled XP about 6 times (by choice, not out of necessity), and have been dual-booting with the 7 RC (which I've reinstalled twice).

What can I say? I just love that fresh feeling after a clean install ^_^



Maintain regular backups of important files on a separate drive and do a clean install.

Yeah, reinstalling programs is required. BFD.



 These look like worst-case scenario numbers. I did the in place upgrade for the Release Candidate and it took maybe an hour on my Core 2 Duo notebook with ~280GB of data and 135 applications. Perhaps you should have done some of your own experiments first, rather than doing a little book report of the Ars Technica piece. I deem this article filler.

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The numbers came from the personal blog of Chris Hernadez, a Microsoft Software Engineer. I gave image credit to ARS because they did a good job summerizing the results in the picture I used.



I've never run into a scenario where the in place upgrade actually worked in the first place.  Go figure.


Lord Omega

Whenever I upgrade to a new OS, I NEVER UPGRADE! I always do a fresh install. Sure it is a pain, but meh. After I do a clean install, it takes about 3-4 hours for me to get everything up and running again.



A TRUE "Super-user" (assuming it means someone that knows about computers) would never consider "upgrading" their machine to have little bits of old code scattered throughout the new OS. Reformat is the only way to go for a clean'll probably save you more time than waiting 20 hours.



Well it looks like I will be doing my upgrade on Saturday and not Thursday now. And I paid extera on shipping to get it by Thursday. ;-)



Yeah, this is why you should just reformat.  I've tried upgrading before and something always goes wrong.

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