Some T-Mobile G2 Owners Reporting Hinge and Storage Issues



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Damn. I guess I will have to wait for them to get out of the "prototype" phase.

Wanted to add that I'm also disgusted at phone makers for focusing on getting new phones out as fast as they can. Chill, release a phone, tweak it to make it better. Then take the best of it onto next phone.

Nobody releases phone updates/fixes anymore. Or those that do, doesnt really fix anything.



just give it a little time, a little misuse, put in you pocket wrong of just some silly instance that would never bother a better designed device and  "BAM" you have a 2 piece phone.


hmmmmm 2 for the price of 1 great marketing




since my full upgrade pricing is not until next year! by that time the G2 will be replaced by something even more powerful. But this is a really nice phone and would get this if I had my upgrade price was now. Next year it will be a harder decision since Windows Phone 7 phones will be common place and I have always been a widows mobile user.



If by "common place" you mean already completely failed and no longer sold, then yes, they will be common place.



only to have there only phone os model to fail. I supose Zune died along with Xbox and Windows 7 also.

To paraphrase Noah from " Windows Phone 7 looks futuristic and makes iPhone look old" This is coming from a phone reviewer who loves his iPhone and most likely isn't a Maxpc reader.



Could this hinge and memory problem be a 'non-issue' like the Iphone 4?






I have my phone, and  I do not have a hinge issue at all, but I did find it off that right out of the box with only a few apps that I had installed on my G1 that I only have 1.18GB of Phone Storage, so I do think that there is something goin on here.  There is no way that I have filled over 2GB of data onto this phone, I know that formated sizes will drop that to under 4GB, but if it all fit on my G1, I should have a lot more.



This kinda makes me not want to buy the G2.  If they are not serious enough about their products to at least try to get it right the first time, then I'm not serious enough to buy it.

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