Some Publishers to Delay eBook Releases



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This is the same problem the gaming industry faces right now, and is why games on Steam cost exactly the same as they do at GameStop or WalMart (and is why I will NEVER buy a current release on Steam).

If you release a digital copy at the same time as the hardcover at 1/2 the price, then all the book retailers are going to revolt. This is why they don't want to do it. If they released the ebook at the same time as the hardcover they'd have to charge the same price, and only a moron would buy it.

But yeah, they are trying to have their cake and eat it to. Unfortunately this kind of short-sightedness is what's killing the music and DVD industry. You'd think these people would learn from the mistakes of others.



As the others said, it sounds like they just want to increase the profit margin per book by keeping prices "reasonable" while taking advantage of near free distribution costs.

Not only does an eBook need to compete with Internet users perception of what they "should" cost (About a dollar in my view), but they are also competing for the users TIME. For a dollar, I'll pick up something on a whim. For $5 I had better be fairly sure I am going to like it. More than that, and likely I'll go do something else that is interesting, and less expensive.

 My understanding is that around $1.25 would roughly match the profit margin per book of a paperback (about 10% of the coer price each for the Author and Publisher), with $.25 left over for the eBook distributor to wring some profit from. Right or wrong, around a dollar is likely where things will settle out.



I agree with the previous poster, there is very little cost to electronically publish and distribute, compared to physical media. This is another case of the corporate "let's see how much we can screw 'em for" business model. This is what leads some people to piracy. It happened with music, then movies, think it won't happen with ebooks? Keep the pricing reasonable and less people will pirate, you'll bring in more new customers, and you'll make more money. Inflate the prices artificially and watch the Jolly Roger fly, and your profits burn.



 when will they get it? Movies? Music? Games? Applications? and now Ebooks.


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That woman is a moron. The right place for an e-book is well less than a paperback since there is NO manufacturing and distribution costs. And, until they get there, I won't be bothering with e-books and their readers.

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