Solid State Drives to Become Mainstream in 3-5 Years



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ah predictions

predictions = might come true if based on business- where most laptop drives are small since you place all your material on shared storage.

home- not so sure- if so - then people would run out of storage quickly - and they would not want to buy that raid tower the stores wish them to purchase.

so would manufacutres have to add a second drive since the first would be so small?

or will in 3-5 years will the cost and size of the SSD be the same as today's 500 gb or 1 tb- the two most used for entry level computers?

prediction- don't think so

but am willing to wait around and see...... ;-)




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Give me a 2TB SSD drive for the same $119.00 I pay now and you have a deal. I'd be surprised if prices ever drop that low..



Finally , been waiting for for SSD to go mainstream for a long time.



I wouldn't be too surprised if SSDs became mainstream in 3-5 years. After all, modern SSDs started coming out just a few years ago. The sooner people switch to SSDs, the sooner the hard drive manufacturers will learn their lesson. I, for one, will be replacing the boot hard drives in my PCs with SSDs if they fail.



"Digitimes Research reckons we'll all be using SSDs in 3-5 years in place of HDDs"

The use of the words "reckons" and "all" kills any credibility this piece had.

Like its already been mentioned, those that are part of the "mainstream" have already made the jump to SSD and it's less people than you think.

Hybrids will rise up and delay the inevitable, so I am going to say - mass segment conversion to SSD won't be happening any sooner than 10 years.



I don't think I'll ever buy a HDD again. I bought my 1TB drive like 4 or 5 years ago, still not even half filled (well I don't store pictures or movies there), then a 64GB SSD for W7 boot, and then a 128GB SSD for my new installations after experiencing the difference.

Guess if you don't have thousands of pictures of your babies doing different faces, you really don't need a HDD at all.



The hold-up for me is not "pictures of babies" but the fact that I currently have about 500GB of games installed. No, I can't play them all at once, but I bore quickly and tend to switch around. On a typical weekend, I'll play five or six different games at various times.

I suppose I could whittle it down to only a few I play regularly, but I like having the options, just in case I get the odd hankering to fire up DCS: Black Shark or iRacing.

That said, my new build early next year will definitely mount the OS on a SSD. My boot and load times on this box (nearly four years old) have become ludicrously long, especially over the last year.



Simple fix: Place the large game that you're most interested in on the SSD, and the others on platter storage. A lot of older smaller games loading from spinning media seem to almost jump into existence, same as an SSD, due to their small foot prints, and SATA speeds.



I would like to also make a prediction:

I think that Windows 8 will be a heavily criticized OS.



In other news,
The sun still rises and politicians still lie.



I love it when "predictions" like this are made after it becomes obvious to anyone else who already knows or cares.

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