"Solar Egg" Battery Charger Cooks in Low Sunlight



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A single AA Ni-MH can easily have 1600 mAh.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



If this isn't unreasonably expensive (I'm talking less than 40-50$), then I may finally have a reasonable method with to charge my GPS while hiking/canoeing. Interesting indeed.


Not a big fan of the design, though... O_o


Sebie Kay

Could be a good way to make sure my cell phone has a charge when I am fishing at the local pond (which is within sight of a cell tower), or just making sure my GPS unit doesn't loose power when I take a hike.

 My biggest concern is how much can it output, and what will be the connections?  I almost have to assume that mini-USB will be one of them...

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