SOE Points Out Roadblocks on Path to Connected PS3-PC MMO



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I've been playing FFXI for 5 years, first on PS2 then on 360 when it came out.  There are 1/2 a million players worldwide on FFXI.  I know that WoW has 10 Mil, but ONLY WoW has that many.  If half a mil of people play FFXI then the answer to the question "...would you even want to play a PC-PS3 MMO?" is XXXX Yes!


fake gordon mah ung

I say bring on the console noobs. I could use some extra target practice. They're proabaly a little more challenging than 'bots.



People have been doing it for years with FFXI don't see why a subsidiary of the console maker still has all the red tape 3rd parties do I am all for cross platform support I own both a decent PC and a PS3 and it'd be nice to play many games cross platform plus i could sample both if i so chose to buy the game twice. Now when they come out with the disc set that includes both the PC and the PS3 version included at the same time thats the day hell freezes over.

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