SOE and LucasArts Working on Kid-Friendly Star Wars MMO?



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I got my 7 year old son into SW a few years ago, and he prefers the prequels over the original trilogy. He LOVED the Clone Wars movie, and we made it a father/son thing to watch the 1/2 hour CW episodes on TV every week (we have every episode saved on the DVR EXCEPT the Jar-Jar episode). He is always asking me to go to some web site or another to play games on, which I generally don't allow him to do because of the crap ware the sites try to install. He wants to be a gamer.  He wants to use a computer over the x-box & Wii.

I recently started to replay SW:KOTR II and he loves watching me play the game.  I guess the point of all this is that for younger kids who did not grow up with the original trilogy, Clone Wars is a big deal to them. It IS Star Wars to them. Sure they know about the movies, but a 1/2 hour cartoon show is better suited for them than a 2+ hour long movie.

I really get the idea behind this game, if it is really in development. Lucas is smart, he needs new fans to keep the money rolling in, and the CW is a big part of how he is going to continue to make money on his franchise.  Honestly I think a CW MMO could be a lot of fun.  My son could play by himself, or we could play the game together.  As long as it's not a total POS, I'd be more than happy to drop some money on a game that my son and I would enjoy playing.  




A lot of the Clone Wars episodes were really good IMO. The movie was terrible, but the TV show had some good if not great episodes. The second season looks really cool.



 I agree, the show has a kids flair but their is enough hiden gems in it to apeal to adults. Like Anakins interplay with Padme, his teaching of his padawan to be a rebal who bends the rules ofthe Jedi....

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To quote Louis (and to describe the game) : "S@#T! S@#T! S@#T! S@#T! S@#T!".



"i wouldn't start the party yet, We only crossed the Street" Or something to that effect !



"I hate prequels."

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