Social Networks Now More Popular than Email



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The functionality of social media forums are constantly being reinvented in hopes that information, updates, and alerts can easily be submitted over the internet for easy access and in a real-time fashion. Users are looking for a more personal connection to other members within a community, rather than an inbox. This is really just reinforcing the change of online trends, not necessarily a bad thing either. One must consider, however, where we are headed. Social networks are now above email; one would not believe this trend would occur five years ago. What will keep users faithful to one type of media over another? Check out how,, a search engine that specializes in pay-per-click advertising, has revamped social networking with their recently launched site, Integrated rewards possibly the next best thing in the social media sphere?


I Jedi

In all seriousness... Idk, online networking, like Facebook and MySpace, are fun things for teenagers to do online. Like complain about how miserable their lives are, and how their heart is broken because of a two-week relationship that went through the roof, and generally glorifying themselves to make themselves feel better and try to gain the respect and admiration amongst their peers, as to rank up in popularity. So, yes, I can see how it is a lot of fun to read and laugh at it all online. :} Almost as much fun as reading what Congress does every day. Nothing, or close to it. :}

Now I see why it's getting more and more popular than ever. 



They aren't a part of my online experience.  I just don't like people enough to generally care what they like, dislike, are wearing, etc.  I definitely don't want them knowing "all about me".  Sometimes, when I am feeling exceptionally sharey, I will post a general paragraph of my likes, I.E. "Sci-fi & fantasy, computers, guitars, reading, movies, games.".  There, you know everything you need to know about me unless you are my close personal friend in the area of my residence.  Why these people want to share so much with the world at large, I will NEVER get.


Keith E. Whisman

No they are not... Hang on I've gotta twitter this..

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