Social Networking Sites are a Time Suck



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Keith E. Whisman

23% of the time is spent on MySpace while the other 77% of time is spent browsing internet porn with a % percent in there somewhere looking at Or is that just me?



Social networks are a suck all right, but not just a time suck.



 Try to figure out which parts of the internet are NOT time wasters! For the curious, the internet is a fabulous playground of bits and pieces of knowlege that ebbs and flows like an ocean. The trick is not to get cuaght up into its currents and get washed away from the important stuff, like baths and eating and talking to people. Heh.


Kevin Raffay

I've found Facebook to be progressively more boring and irrelevant.  All those games are huge time wasters, and I am constantly blocking FB apps.  Yes, you may get a lot of user views and eyeballs, but if most people are like me, they will spend less and less time on Facebook.



MaxPC i my social netwirking website.



6 hours a month = 12 minutes a day.  Doesn't appear to be all that much for networking and blogs.

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