Social Networking to be an Integral Part of Windows Mobile 7



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I have a Palm Pre and an HTC Touch Pro on sprint. I love sprint's service and would not trade for any other carrier. Ok, lets get to the point....

I love Winmo. It's everything a PPC should be. What makes it wonky IMHO, is the touchflo 3D and the fact that HTC decided not to include any 3D drivers. So video and games are pretty much unenjoyable. That and the fact winmo 6.1 is a hit and miss. What I mean is, sometimes I can breeze through apps and other times, there will be so much lag, the phone will stop responding and crash. I at least have to soft reset once a day. Before you ask, yes, I have hard reset and flashed other roms. I am also on my 3rd TP. I have found through experience, the less apps and customizing you do, the phone seems to work better.

I have also flashed the leaked 6.5 (many different versions). The UI is great and seems much more intuitive than 6.1. But It's really no better than 6.1 as far as stability. I believe that's because of HTC and it's unwillingness to pay Qualcomm for the license for the 3D drivers. 6.5 might be better on other phones and newer HTC products, but on my TP, it's just not worth the hassel. And now adding all this social networking crap in (winmo 7), it better be fluent and crash resistant. If not, I think Winmo will have a seriously hard time getting back in the game. Because if it's anything like it is on 6.1 or 6.5, I would have to say MS needs to exit quietly out of the mobile OS wars.

With all that said, My Pre does just about everything my TP does but better...and faster. I can get more work done with it's ability to true multitask and the fluidness of it's WebOS. There's no lag (a little sluggish at times), but no lag. It doesn't crash like winmo so there's no reason to soft reset.  Just those alone make it stand out. I can go on about the Pre but I will leave it at that. But in all honesty, I use my winmo phone has been shelved.




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