Snarky Microsoft Director Tweets Support for Always-On Consoles



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Duck Dodgers

The sad reality is Adam and Microsoft can afford to be assholes. The gaming community has a very hard time voting intelligently with their wallets. This is akin to a dope kingpin treating his clientele like crap, they are already hooked and his product will continue to sell itself regardless. Most of the people he trolled are already in and will remain in line to play the latest AAA titles on whatever the next Xbox will be called.



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Just for fun lol :




What made it even funnier is that because of your avatar, I heard your comment in Robert Picardo's sarcastic drawl.



If this guy is Sr management at MS that makes me want to sell my MS stock!!



/me wonders how long it takes for someone to release a private LAN DRM Server

/me wonders if the private LAN server will actually be a modified version of Microsoft's official private LAN DRM Server



Always on huh...... well I know what I wont be buying for the kids this holiday season.



It's always funny to watch immature idiots like this shoot themselves in the foot. Way to go, Adam. You've removed any doubt about you being a douchebag.

Some day, your mouth will write a check that your ass can't cash and you'll get yourself deservingly throttled.



Many corporations have internal only/company confidential markings regarding not-yet-released products where written discussion about such products constitutes a terminable offense.

Would be curious if this guy gets "promoted to customer" or not.



And there you have it folks-the attitude of the entire MS machine laid bare before your eyes. Well done, Orth!



Microsoft has a right to do what's necessary to prevent piracy, which is theft. An unauthorized copy constitutes theft. I'm not thrilled about always-on DRM, but if it helps keep piracy at bay, then so be it. Gamers have brought this state of affairs on themselves by pirating games.

Ultimately, if you care about video games, you have to care that the video game industry stays financially healthy.



Although the concept of always on DRM has yet be fully realized (I know about Sim City and Diablo), it parallels very closely the issues the music industry has with musical theft. In the end, there isn't anything the music industry can do that stop pirating, it's just a part of our culture now. Artists have had to adapt. Much more music is being released for free and we now pay a much larger premium for concerts and other merchandise. I believe it is in the gaming industry's best interest to try and get creative in the same way. People are willing to buy their games, as long as they don't have to put up with a bunch of hoops to jump through.



Do I care that the video game industry stays financially healthy?

Do I think that punishing legitimate, paying customers by inflicting them with overbearing, unreasonable and prohibitive restrictions is the answer?



So you're telling me that 10 yrs down the road and you decide to pull the "720" out of the closet to play some Halo 8, you find M$'s server's are no longer up and supporting the 720.. Games won't run anymore. ALL your investment is gone.. good job thinking this through bud.. U must be a M$ troll.
Ultimately, you're an idiot..



Except draconian DRM will encourage people to pirate so they don't have to deal with it. A lot of people who pirate do it because they don't like DRM.

Oh well, this just means the PS4 will win if Microsoft opts to use always-on DRM.



That is exactly the point. DRM and the invasive methods like Always on are supposed to thwart piracy but yet does the opposite and breeds piracy as legitimate customers wait for a crack or some hack to remove that function and some just to stick it to the company pirate the game.

We have seen over and over DRM DOES NOT WORK! If companies would spend the money they put into keeping these servers up and online and put it back in to the game as bonus or added content for legitimate copies more people would buy their games. But look at Sim City. So much time was wrapped up in this Always On world that the game itself sucks!



Adam Orth you are a douche-bag and an ass-hat.

"Adam Orth: Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner."

We aren't talking about electricity here. I sure as hell wouldn't buy a Hoover that would require it to phone home every 3 minutes. Why? To make sure I'm using genuine Hoover bags? To let them monitor my vacuuming habits. So, I can't use my vacuum because 200,000 others trying to vacuum at the same time has overwhelmed their servers. So, they can stop supporting my model of vacuum because the brand new SuxDeluxe 5 came out, rendering my vacuum useless.

As Bugs would say, "What a maroon!"

Why don't you see if EA has a job for you, 'cause you gonna need one...#dealwithit



"Adam Orth: Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner."

vig1lant3: Sometimes publishers and manufacturers saddle their wares with $hitty DRM. I will not purchase an xbox.



I know many people can't afford an internet connection & a XBOX this always on thing will cut millions of people off, I have an Xbox & I play games on it but I refuse to pat twice to get online. if Microsoft does this I will never buy an Xbox again.



if it's always on, I won't buy one.


The Valar

Thanks for the load out on this.

Was WTF!

And clearly he is isolated from people who have internet access.
People maybe having internet access as broadband, yet where they have their TV and console... is in a different room and might be the basement under CONCRETE... No wifi possible.

Others, just won't on principle.... Parents not trusting kids, wisely...

This guy is a moron. Straight up.



hey, I live in Blacksburg, VA...

anyway, internet outages are more common than power outages here.



Blacksburgians unite! I grew up there (just left home a couple years ago) and the entirety of my teen years my families maximum internet speed was 50Kb/s. And no, that's not a typo. I downloaded Shogun 2 off Steam and it took me 2 weeks of downloading.



Yeah, I used to go down for games and beers. It's a great place.



I know we are a very small part of the market, but as a member of the military, this "always on DRM" really chaps my a$$. We can be deployed for 6-12 months at a time, without any internet access other than official computers. And I'll tell you, they don't let you hook up XBOX's or install PC games on those...

A lot of the less-sophisticated guys on my ship would play Halo in the evenings on their XBOX's (I fired up my Alienware laptop...hehe). We'd have all been screwed, since, according to Adam Orth, we are not "with the times."


Philippe Lemay

<< Adam Orth: Sometimes the electricity goes out. I will not purchase a vacuum cleaner. >>

What is he trying to say here? I'm guessing this is taken out of context somehow.



He was trying to compare Internet service with electricity, snidely implying that not buying an always-on console because the Internet sometimes goes out is like refusing to buy a vacuum on the basis that sometimes there are power outages. His comparison misses the mark by a mile, but that's what he was saying.



I disagree.

Should you and your employer have to officially apologize now?



Seriously, this guy is gonna regret this decision. You don't piss off the community like that, ever. Especially when you're that high on the totem pole.



Honestly, it sounds like a guy blowing off steam. A guy that is trying to please the agenda of Microsoft and the pursuit of the almighty dollar versus putting a product out there he can put his name on. I think he knows it's a terrible idea (always on DRM) but he has to do what his employer pays him to do... All that being said though, he could have taken the high road on that - especially in such a public arena.



Or maybe its all a ploy by Stevie B. and merely a way to take the focus off of the lackluster response Windows 8 is still getting?

Steve B: Hey Adam I have a special project for you.

Adam O: Sure Steve what is it?

Steve B: I need to you go on the internet and publicly state how great always on DRM is. We are really taking it up the rear end with the poor reception to Windows 8. I am afraid that if we dont do something to take the focus off our latest hideous OS I may lose my job! Then you wont get to see me jump around on a stage like a crazy man and sticking my tongue out like the lunatic I really am!

Adam O: (silence)

Steve B: This is not a request Adam! Do it or find a new job!

Adam O: Ok


Renegade Knight

Agreed. If he's having to support Microsoft's decision to use that type of DRM he can take the high road without being smarmy and insulting the user base they are after.



I'm with the Internet on this one. Saying that he is merely trolling someone is just trying to do damage control, nothing more.

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