SMS Hack could Hijack Cell Phones



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Keith E. Whisman

I always leave WiFi off and GPS off to conserve power. I left my phone on and used it sporadically for 2days befor the battery went out.  The Android G1.

Are phones based off of Linux like my Android G1 phone a target of attack or are we talking about just one cell phone OS like Windows Mobile? 



I guess for once it pays to have my free-with-service, no-Internet, looks-like-a-large-tumor-in-my-pocket phone. Actually, no; every day I regret not having Internet access when I'm not at home.


Ella Rochelle

Great comment, I feel the same about my phone, too. I also don't have Internet access from my phone so I can't be bothered with this malicious threat. But when I'm away from my computer, I start feeling the urge to dial over 800 numbers, just so I don't get bored.



Great work buddy, keep it up

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