Smartphones, Tablets Will Account for 64 Billion Game Downloads by 2017



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For me they are good time killers while waiting in the dentist's or doctor's office.



Besides being poor imitations of console/PC games, Most Free-to-Play games for tablets/Phones are nothing more than Micro Transaction Traps. How Many News Stories have you read, where Some Dumb Parent gave Little Timmy the Tablet/iPad, & ended up with a $1000+ Charges their credit cards? Free to Play Games are rarely ever Free.


Renegade Knight

I found that Microtranactions apps are actually far more expensive than real games while the game itself is normally of far less quality.



So long as developers don't neglect PCs, I'm all for mobile gaming growing.



This 'fad' will never end, it will just continually evolve and morph with future technologies. Think back to the first cell phones that had games like SNAKE...a fad would have disappeared a long time ago. Mobile gaming on smartphones/tablets/ect. have their place. As much as I hate to admit it, social networking games also have their place. While it is undeniably true that nothing we have now could match the gaming performance and experience of personal computers with gaming accessories, you also cannot deny the exposure that mobile gaming has brought to the the industry. People who never would consider dedicated gaming stations have been slowly corrupted...bwhahahahha



The funny thing here is I'm willing to bet a lot of people who are scoffing at the idea of mobile OS gaming are probably the same people who grew up on games 20+ years ago.

The current generation of kids are more than likely going to have a cellphone than a handheld video game system. And if it's a smartphone, then more than likely that's going to be their portable. Parents are already forking over $100+ for a device and with a plethora of free and "entertaining" games, it's win-win for everyone.

And if they want to sit down to big screen gaming, chances are they'll do it on a console too. No need to worry about a clunky OS that'll cause trouble or whatever.

Say what you will about how gaming should be, but the majority market is probably going to say different.



It's funny, I'm as big a PC gamer as there is and have been playing for decades. I still remember playing "Adventure" WAY back in the day. gaming holds zero interest for me. If I need to kill off some time, I use my iPad to watch movies, read books, surf the net. And there isn't a single game loaded on my smart phone.

When it comes to gaming, sitting down to a full-blown PC is the only way to go.

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