Smartphones Putting the Pain on Point-and-Shoot Cameras



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I started to bring my small point and shoot along with my smartphone. I was tired of those situations with the kids that called for a quick photo and 75% of the photos with even the top of the line 8mp camera on the phone looks not so good when viewing them on the tv. Just got a smaller Lowepro backpack to replace my other bag, so as to carry the tablet and DSLR wherever I go as well.
There is no way really with the size of where the phones are and are going that it will ever beat out a point and shoot. The lens just isn't there to compete and never will be, too bad this will cause point and shoots to go up in price as they are more scarce.
Some photography snobs really believe the iPad, iPhone or tablet can take just as good of photos and videos "in the right hands". Not so, it is a step backward that rears it's ugly head when you start showing it off on your new 60" Led.



I'm sorry, but I've used point and shoot cameras, and everything from the camera to the photos turned out horrible. I'll only use cameras on Nokia phones as they've been more than satisfactory. If I want something better then I'll mortgage a Hasselblad or Leica.



Tablets and some dumbphones too. We have a relative that uses an iPad exclusively for taking photos. When my son was born his very first photos were taken by that iPad and an HTC Inspire smartphone. My wife and I use the cameras on our dumbphones when we don't have our point-and-shoot Kodak handy.

Those phone and tablet photos look fine on the computer and on social media sites, but the cheap Kodak took far better photos in more shooting situations. My older almost-DSLR camera takes even better photos than that Kodak, but it stays home most of the time due to its bulk :S

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