Smartphone Sales Leap Ahead of PCs for First Time Ever



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If you live in the developing world, having a smartphone is often a much better option than having a PC. Seeing as you may not even have electricity at home...


Peanut Fox

I suppose you could charge the phone else where, but that still doesn't make much sense. The second you start to use a smart phone for video or web surfing the battery starts to drain pretty quick.



Well I'm not making it up, dude. Believe it or not, that's fine. My point was that some people are forgetting that there's a market out there for tech, and they use that tech in different circumstances than we do.



I refuse to consider tablets PCs unless they're running Windows (not Phone 7), Linux (and no, Android doesn't count), or Mac OSX (iOS doesn't count, either).

And this makes sense, since people upgrade their cell phones every 18 mos. (and, honestly, why not?), but the average PC lasts something like twice that.

For all those who use this as a sign that smartphones or tablets are a replacement for PCs, it's not, it's a sign that they're a replacement for normal cell phones.



Yeah, tablets and smart phones should not be compared to PC's. Of course the media doesn't care because it's something to write about and I'm sure they're getting something from tablet makers for it. If they're doing it without influence then they're just stupid. Articles like these are constantly being published with the same old anti-PC crap in it.

Tablets and even smart phones are a niche product, nothing more. They may replace desktops in some homes, but there's still a large number of people that will keep their PC or own both. If I had some extra cash I'd get a tablet to go along with my smart phone and PC. Each have their own uses but nothing compares to the power and functionality of a PC.



People get new smartphones more often, too. I got my computer 5 or so years ago and, even though I'm looking to upgrade, the newest and best processors have barely noticable performance gains, and its not like windows 7 is ever updated with cool new features. Smartphone specs double in awesomeness every year, and android comes out with awesome new features every day. I can do some things with my galaxy nexus that I can't with my PC. Some day I think smartphones will replace PCs, but not for a long time. Content creation is still lacking, although becoming better and better.



Wow. We can all start Photoshopping off our iSucks.

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