Smartphone Owners Say Screen Size Matters



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I have a DROID Bionic(among 6 other Motorola devices) and its 4.3" screen is starting to feel too small.

Ive held a Galaxy Note and I *LOVE* the size....but its a Samsung. Ill wait for the US version of Motorola's XT928 instead.

EDIT: On a completely non related note. See how I used proper naming for both devices? They're both Android phones but only one is a "DROID/Droid". Its not a Galaxy Bionic, nor a DROID Note. Not all Android phones are "DROID/Droid"s. I really wish Maximumpc knew that.



I have a Samsung Galaxy Note, and I've also used an Iphone 4 so I'll give my two cents.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is too big in that I cannot effectively control the cellphone with just one hand. Therefore, I move very slowly when I need to unlock my phone and scroll to a folder. I do look kind of dumb talking on it, but why would anyone really care? It's also big enough to get comments asking what the hell it is I'm holding. The Iphone 4 is easier to control and manipulate. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note is very, very thin. It's so thin that it slides in easily in jeans pockets. I mean, really, just slides right in.

Now, the screen size of the Iphone 4 is far too small. I tried playing Zombie farm and watching movies on it and it is painful. Also, the screen is too tiny to really enjoy any movies or animation. The Samsung Galaxy Note is JUST about right for enjoying movies and media. Anything smaller would probably be uncomfortable with me, and playing games is excellent, really. I can control a car in a game with the sides and I still have viewing area.

So in deciding the size without actually trying the phone, keep in mind what you're going to be using the phone for. Some people need an all-in-one device. For me, what I needed was a camera, a voice recorder, MP3 player, something to watch videos from when I'm away from home, and something to play games with when I'm bored and I need to occasionally (not very often) call someone, so the Note works. If you're in a hectic environment and can't afford to use two hands to control a phone (ie, in busy metros and requiring lots of maneuvering and multitasking), then reconsider a phone that requires two hands or a large hand to operate. A Samsung Galaxy S II probably would have been the best compromise for me.



I have the Note and love it. I have absolutely no problem using it one handed. I also have a Samsung Omnia that I use as an mp3 player when I go to the gym and stuff like that, and ever sine getting the Note I feel like I am going to crush it because it feels so tiny now.

I do have to say, everyone kind of thinks my note is silly based on size, but everyone also wants to get their hands on it whenever I take it out.



I got Galaxy Nexus and , Yes, screen size matters. We do more than talking and calendar appointment. Sometime it may seem like big one but once you are in line or had to wait, you will thank yourself for getting something this big.



Anyone know says size doesn't matter clearly has a small one.

And by small one I mean iPhone. And a penis. A very, very small penis.



Actually, I've come to believe that the guys that have small penises are the ones that brag about having large ones. (I haven't done any actual research to back that up, though. :D )

If your penis size is a part of your sense of self-worth, you lose, big or small.



There's nothing wrong with your penis size influencing your self-worth, so long as it's no more or less influential than any other physical or mental trait. If it's not your only defining feature in your own mind you're a-ok.

I mean seriously, the iPhanbois got to have something to make them feel better about themselves, amirite?

Oh, and the obligatory "that's what SHE said..."



4 inches is about my maximum, to be honest. Any bigger and it loses its pocketability.

But then again, I still like physical keyboards, so what do I know?



Size matters to a point. If I had to choose I'd pick quality over size any day. There is such a thing as too big. Some people dismiss the whole argument of "it's too big for my pocket", but I think it's a valid point. No, I don't wear skinny jeans (as some other poster accused me of before), and I actually wear baggier than normal pants. I carry lots of other things with me so having a phone with a 5"+ screen size is way too much. The size of the 4S is comfortable, but it could go bigger. I agree with the sweet spot of 4-4.5".



I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head here, which is to say personal style, habit and taste are large factors in defining what is "too big".

I prefer all the screen size I can get, and my definition of being able to fit in a pocket is probably looser than yours. I'd also put weight over thickness, and durability needs to be as high as possible.

The worst thing the industry can do, in my opinion, is try to make a "one size fits all" phone. That just leads to a "one size fits none" one.




My Droid X is getting long in the tooth, but I'm holding out on a new phone until Verizon gets its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. I use my phone constantly, but I only used it as a "phone" for less than 10 minutes last month. For all my other activities, I prefer a bigger screen.



My sweetspot is probably around 4.1 - 4.2... 4.3 like my Sensation is fine, but my thumb can't reach the other end of the phone LoL, 5.3 is just ridiculous for a phone doesn't matter how thin it is...



My phone is in the "sweet spot" of 4.1 inches. I'm not going to say that it is the perfect size, but I like it. It is small enough to be easily portable, yet big enough I can read, watch videos, and play games without having to pull out a magnifying glass.

My last phone, which was a feature phone, had a 3 inch screen. That was just so inconvenient when it came to reading.



I've owned a Palm Pre, which is stupidly small, the iPhone, and now a Samsung Galaxy S2. I have no idea how someone could be happy with a screen size smaller than 4 inches. When i first saw the Droid X i thought it was too big and didn't understand how anyone could carry it around. After using a phone of this obnoxious size, i don't see how anyone could do without it, it's just easier overall, and so much more inviting when it comes to doing computer like operations. I'm still not big on the typing with it, despite the large screen, but when it's quiet around the voice to text works very well with droid phones. Now i'm kinda upset i didn't wait for the Note, which is simply gigantic.



I'm in the extreme end of the spectrum, since I like my Galaxy Note which is apparently the reference device for a massive phone... :p

I had a SGS (4.0 inch) which now seems on the small side, so IMO anywhere between and including 5.3 and 4.0 inches is good but obviously the bezel and depth of the phone counts as well. :)



While I do enjoy the larger screen on my Droid X2 as oppsed to my old Droid, I would like to see battery life improve. We can have all the quad core processors and Tegra 3 chipsets in the world, but we are still running on the same old batteries (for the most part) that we had ten years ago.

Besides, at this point I have all the power I need to run Angry Birds flawlessly; get to work on making it so I can play it longer on a single charge.

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