Smartphone Maker HTC Sees 2Q Profits Slide 60 Percent



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Last Christmas I went with the HTC Inspire because the store sold out of the Motorola Atrix. I found it more polished compared to my little brother's Galaxy S2.

It's a nice phone but specs vs. price there are better deals from other manufacturers.



Let's see -

Battery isn't removable
No SD card access
HTC quickly ceases to update devices

What's not to love?

Shoot, the only thing lacking is a proprietary charger/connector. Or did I miss that?



I think the lack of sd card is really detering alot of potential buyers. I do enjoy listening to lossless audio with with my measly 16gb htc one x (which is an awesome phone by the way) i often find myself having to swap files and manage storage frequently think of it as a 64gb ssd for your os and a couple of programs here and there



A smart phone should be more than solely a phone. HTC does not compete with even the Dell Venue Pro because they are lacking in the display tech department. Samsung offers their Super OLED, Dell offered an OLED, Iphones offer the iRetina. HTC fails so hard because they aren't adapting and continuing to evolve. The phones might look nice design-wise, but if I go to any retailer and compare them side by side, the very first thing I noticed is the poor regular LCD performance and how washed out the screen looks. They aren't a legitimate competitor anymore.



Don't mean to crap on your parade but....

Samsung uses super AMOLED while HTC uses LCD2. No smartphone as of this time uses OLED of any kind as thier main display.

HTC phones have a nice design, specs are top tier, and build quality is second to none. Thier problem is is with software and the implementation of that software with the hardware. I'm talking about sense and the way it uses ram in such a way that multitasking is a disaster. HTC has tried to shove so much crap in a small package that the phone is literally struggling for life!! People know this...not all...but most. Spend 10 minutes with the One X then 10 minutes with the S3 and you'll see what I'm talking about.



It's a shame. I really like the design strategy that HTC takes with their phones. I really feel like their financial woes are mostly due to brand awareness.



well, Q1 profits were down 70% compared to 1 year before, so for Q2 to be down 60% that's not so bad anymore :)

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