SMART Boards get SMARTer with Touch Recognition



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....a GREAT idea!!


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



We have smartboards at our school too and they are a complete waste of money in my oppinion. There isn't really anything you can do with a smart board that you can do with a white board or a projector.  Whenever our teachers use the smartboard it is either to just write notes, which can be done on a white/chalk board. Or they use it to show something, which is really not using the smartboard, just the projector. But then again, it is fun to waste $1000 to play flash games on a big ass touch screen!



All of the classrooms at my school use smartboards, and I gotta say, they are pretty darn cool. This update can really convince some of the teacher at my school to evn use them. It looks pretty awesome.



The SMART boards that I work on use a set of cameras to triangulate the position of your finger, or whatever you are pointing at the screen to give you control of the mouse cursor. It seems to me that these same cameras should be able to recognize a size change of the pointing object by noticing a uniform change of distance from the pointing object in all three cameras. If that is the case, then current SMART boards could be changed to take advantage of this new touch recognition with a software update.

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