Slysoft Plays Cat and Mouse with BD+ DRM - And Continues to Win the War



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I downloaded the software and attempted to copy a DVD. On three tries there was an error notice after about 12 minutes and the files were deleted. Therefore, I have no reason to believe that this program can actually copy a DVD.



"has been fully cracked in version"


And updated just a few days later in


Get AnyDVD.. there's no reason not to have it.






Needless to say...DVD or HD Dvd media has a limited life span, in terms of it use as in wear & tear condition. Thats why most people consider to have their favorite movie backed-up on a Hard drive with-out having the DVD disc on the drive. I mean there are tons of scenario on where you can't anymore watch your favorite movie, like the media being badly scratched or your DVD cant read it anymore..etc..

The more they tighten up the DRM issue on this media...DVD HD..the more resilient the people are to try apps like these...



The main reason I use it, is so I can watch a Blu-ray over an analog connection.  Not even talking about fair use to backup, just fair use to watch.


I Jedi

Fuck 'em. My philosphy is once you legitametely own the media, do what you want, so long as you don't pass it around to others.



I been using Slysoft for a while now and they are the best in the business.

 I think it is silly to buy a dvd/cd and have the content you buy locked. I have never downloaded movies and music illegally, but I do have a 10 terabyte server that streams content to all my TV's in my home through xbox 360's. This would not be possible unless there were companies like Slysolf around to battle stupid corps.

 I buy all my dvds, ripp them to my server and store the physical box in a closet in the game room. Instead of looking through 100's of movies in the closet, I can now sit on my couch and browse movies by title or genre through an xbox interface.

 /salute Slysoft




i have a home theater pc right now and it would actually have a blu ray drive if not for hdcp and its require ment for me to buy a new video card.

 Of course, this wasnt a problem and didnt slow my adoption of HD-DVD.....but that seemed too good to be true anyways

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