Sling Media Working on Fix for Recent Slingbox Service Issues



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I have not had normal Slingbox service since August 3........they claim to have fixed the problems, but there are still many issues with connecting remotely.  The whole rationale for having slingbox and a slingcatcher was so that I could access U. S. programming in Costa Rica, where I live.  Each and every time that I want to watch I have to contact my son back in Texas to reset the original slingbox before I can establish a connection here.  This was not the norm prior to Aug. 3, but it is now.  Needless to say, I'm not watching much TV.  And, sling media has shut down their forum threads discussing the issues, saying that any problems we have now, we have to resolve on our own.  Disgusted?  You bet.



I've been without service for a week.  Worst part about it is that it seems the update is not allowing me to connect to my box, even on my home network, so if they can even fix the problem, I don't know how it will get to my box.  It seems like they fried my box.

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