Slay Prettier Dragons with Nvidia's Skyrim Tweak Guide



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Captain Crunch

Nice thank's for the heads up Paul.






How does this affect the trees? I don't care about how anything else in the game look like but I NEED perfectly rendered trees.



Whoa. I have seen most of this in other guides, but it is nice to see it grouped all together and backed by the likes of NVidia. Some of the tweaks mentioned were actually added to the Skyrimprefs.ini file during the last (1.1) patch. That patch also broke the arrow keys working in the game. This tweak turns them back on:

Thanks to MPC for getting me a definitive bookmark to the beautiful graphics of Skyrim, easily the best game of 2011.



Actually, this tweak guide was put together by Koroush Ghazi for nVidia who hosts his own "Tweaking" website.  He's a good guy who has done a lot of good for the tech community.  Good to see his tweak guides getting some press.



Oh cool.  I can go through this and get a better idea of how things work.  Its nice to have something like this from a GPU maker rather than the quick-posts from end-users.

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