Skyrim Sales Soar to 3.4 Million in Just Two Days



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Skyrim is just unbelievably detailed on high settings in 1080p...and the game feels never ending! There is so much to do and different ways of doing it, it will take me forever to finish playing it. With fallout I get tired of desolation and seeing similar scenery throughout the game, but in Skyrim there is unique scenery everywhere and sometimes it is just amazing. I have logged well over 40 hours of gameplay in 5 days, and looking at my friend's stats on Steam I can see why I haven't heard much out of them the last few days. This game would have been perfect with a coop mode, but it is worth the money regardless!



"This game would have been perfect with a coop mode, but it is worth the money regardless!"

I agree! I remember playing the original NWN online with a friend. It would be nice to have your companion be another live player, but on the other hand that could end up being pretty powerful with all the souped up gear they could have. A PC players skill is going to be a lot better than AI also though they could adjust the skill level for co-op play.


h e x e n

The game is simply amazing.

I walked across Skyrim yesterday. Just walked. No mission or quest activated, I just simply walked from one side of the map to the other.

I encountered three groups of bandits trying to steal my ducats, a mercenary trying to collect the bounty on my head for the 20+ people I slayed in Whiterun, three hired marauders with death notes from some other lame ass I stuck six feet under, several traveling groups of civilians with less than stellar security (I relieved them of their monetary burdens hehe), several thiefs I had to dispatch...

It's just incredible. Little details like that sell the experience so much. I mean, bounty hunters come after you? That's awesome! It's so cool to see the trail you've left behind. You feel as though you've had an impact no matter where you go, who you kill or what missions you do.

And the sidequests? They could all be their own little game! No more boring caves and forts that all look the same. Bethesda really took the time to craft unique and exciting quests. You don't feel like you're running through the same mine every time you enter one. Every fort is different. Every cave is different. It's just fantastic!

Can't wait to get off work so I can play some more! Gotta level alchemy and grab the Respite perk for restoration.



The people playing MW3 instead of this are just confused.



thats just crazy. over 3 million in two days, the makers must be very happy considering these kind of sales.



minecraft is the only game i will ever need!  ;)



How were the pc only sales?



I just picked it up about a half an hour ago. I'll play it when I'm done with Assassin's Creed:Revelations. I've heard alot of good things about it and I trust it's a great game....

....I'm just not interested in it til I'm done playing what I like to play.


Also I wanna touch on the sales figure. How many people have it off Steam or w/e? 300K? Last figure I saw was like 237k.... that pales in comparison to the console sales. 

Bethesda admits it themselves that PC gamers are the minority.





Also play BF3 and Skryim.  Both incredible games.  Like Supall, I won't be needing to purchase any more games until Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock 3 come out.

Not to mention the DLC that will be coming out for BF3 and Skryim to extend play.



I have only been playing Skyrim. To make me feel less guilty for my weekend playing I included the family as my audience.

I am enjoying the sound track so much I ordered the music CD's.



I can't choose between Battlefield 3 and Skyrim!  This is because they're both incredibly fun games in different genres.  And between them and Starcraft II, I won't need any other game for a long while...except I'll end up getting Mass Effect 3 & Heart of the Swarm...



Me either! I started getting into Skyrim the past 2 days but it bugs me the whole time knowing that I'm falling behind on my BF3 rank. I'm rank 26 which is nothing to sneeze at but there's people already getting their stars for Colonel!

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