Skype Calls Now Illegal in China



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If this ends up being the truth and China also decides to start actively blocking skype, it will suck for a lot of expats.  When my wife and I lived in China, skype was our only form of long distance telephone communication with friends and family back home. 



Whats the difference between China reading and listening to everything you say and Google doing it?


The punch line here is that were living in the same tyranny in the U.S. that the Chinese are under. Yes, Google is the NSA.



Skype made it a lot easier for me to talk to my girlfriend when she went home for last summer.  I'm not sure what I'll do for this summer now that China's paranoia is going full-blown... again...

It's bad enough they've blocked Facebook.



Soon all computers imported from China will only be able to display articles from newspapers that say good things about China.

Ok, that is a little dramatic, I admit. However I believe it is important to realize the following: we all disagree with this type of censorship, yet we all (including me) continue to purchase products from companies like Asus, MSI, Nvdia, etc, who have most or all of their fabs in China (who pay taxes to the Chinese gov't). By doing so, are we actively contributing to this censorship, or are we contributing to a system that might finally overwhelm the autocracy?



...or is China getting just a little bit paranoid lately?  :p

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