Skyfire Overwhelmed by Flash Flood



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"It sidesteps the whole Flash issue by translating Flash videos to the native iPhone media player using the H.264 codec"

Great, but what about all the other content that's not video? Games, apps, whole websites? I wouldn't call a browser that can play flash video a "Flash-compatible mobile browser".



Having issue with skyfire not working due to this?



I thought skyfire was free? And if not DAM they are going to make a lot of money's. Im glad i have android because its free :)



The biggest load of crap I've ever heard.  Software, digitally delivered, out of stock?

Apple and AT&T's smell are all over this.  "Get this under control, or we will pull your app".



Did you even bother to actually READ the article, or just look at the image and decide to spew some crap?



Why couldn't Apple think of/do that themselves?

Once again, this proves that no matter how big a company gets, if they don't give their customers what they want, someone else, even a small organization, will step in, and fill that market void.

I love the free (well less free every day) market, and how it balences itself. :)



Apple is also very loath to admit that they have some inferior products (safari is a shining example).  Most apple power users (if there is such a thing lol.... kinda oxymoronic but i digress) use firefox as their browser not safari. Flash by definition is none controllable by Apple and if allowed to run on Iphone pure, then code can be created were you don't have to use the almighty "App Store" to get apps.  The "App Store" is a huge cash cow for apple and is intimately tied with itunes (which is the gateway temptation point for non power windows users), however with the rise of double twist and media monkey i think that will change.   Google is the real enemy to them now.  Android is quickly rising and it has no problem with windows OS or Apple OS.  I suspect the clearance of Skyfire was done to stop the hemmorrhaging that is on the horizon for apple from google. 



"Why couldn't Apple think of/do that themselves?"

Because Apple is so full of themselves, and are more concerned with a shiny pretty product than actually something that is fully functional and has all the features that a user wants. Even 75% of the features that most users want would be a major improvement. Instead Apple likes to offer maybe, MAYBE half of what you want in a device, and then add the rest in additional product releases. And all the Apple sheeple will gobble it up. Why? Because it's from Apple, and they can do no wrong...

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