SkinDisplay Concept Imprints Text Messages on Your Skin



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MdX MaxX

Good luck reading anything with more than ten characters...



One more thing for college professors to be worried about:

Print the formula you "memorized" on your finger.  Pick your nose, pretend you're examining the booger, then ace the exam.

Where can I get one?



The way I use phones, these technologies are completely worthless to me. If the skindisplay could be changed to be Braille instead, at least blind phone users could read text messages.



I think their timing for April Fools' Day is a bit off.  The SmartCall is a good idea but SkinDisplay that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard of. I can see it now someone has their phone in their back pocket. They get a text, reach for their phone and look as if they are wiping crap off their hands when they are done. Does it have a toilet paper dispenser?  



So now I have to update my "status" of how busy I am all the time? No way! If I don't answer, it's clearly not a good time to be calling me, leave a message and I'll try to get back to you at a better time. It's not the caller's responsibility to check my "status" before calling me. This is so dumb.

So is the skin text thing. Checking your finger, or checking your phone is the same level of interuption if you are in the middle of doing something. Checking your finger might even be MORE of a disturbance to whatever it is that you are doing because it takes a couple seconds to press hard enough to make an impression on your finger. Probalby faster just to pull out your phone and glance at it. This is idiotic.

On top of all that, the voice reminds me of the Dyson guy, and I really don't like that pretentious prick.



Would not shocks in the ass in Morse Code be more subtle?



I LOL'd in real life!  Oops I mean "di-dah-di-dit, dah-dah-dah, di-dah-di-dit"

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