Siri Allows Miscreants to Bypass iPhone 4S Passcodes



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I don't personally have the iPhone 4s but my friend does... I have to admit the Siri is pretty cool but I question the usefulness of it. It seems that it would only be useful when in a car or at home. I can imagine a lot of people getting annoyed in a public setting hearing someone bark commands into their phone and hearing Siri spit out results.

It will be a novelty and a feature that iPhone consumers will hang their hat on for justifying the purchase but I think the popularity will fade.



For now I am leaving it turned on.  It does call up caledar entries, I tested that.  And I will poke around as I have time trying to see what others may find should they want to probe.



whats my passcode siri? I forgot. Low tech. Military grade ai glitch.



Yeah. It's just so gimmicky. Honestly, it looks useless. But it'll be big, simply because it's iPhone. But really, it's useless crap. Apple, again, asserts itself as useful, when it's really not.




This is the 1st apple product I have ever purchased.  Siri is pretty cool and useful.  For example, while I am walking, I can have it send text messages without hitting any keys.  Or ask it if I need an umbrella as I am leaving the house.  Yes, there are other ways to work without Siri, but I find it useful.  My defitition of useful is simply, can it do the task faster than I can by hitting a bunch of bttons.  On that score Siri is useful for many tasks, but not all.

Does it need work, yes.

And as more apps connect to Siri, this will get a whole lot better.



Forget miscreants, imagine how screwed you are if you press the Siri button while in the restroom, or a secret company meeting.

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