Silverstone Preps Zeus Series ZM1350 Power Supply for Retail



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Most home outlets are rated at 15A on a 15A circuit, this means the load can draw 12A continuously before heating up (and eventually tripping) the circuit breaker. At 1350W, presuming 89% efficiency, and a unity power factor this beast is going to draw 12.36A which translates into the circuit breaker heating up and eventually tripping (extremely unlikely since most users don't run their machines at 100% load for days on end). However, in an older house with older circuit breakers it's unlikely that it'll allow 12A without heating up.
Looks like I'll be installing all 20A circuits!



The only way I can think of the 80mm fan being okay to use in this is if there is a significant difference between regular parts and "industrial grade" parts. Do they run cooler by default thus not needing the extra fan size? Otherwise I can see some serious overheating issues. Or are they banking on consumers not to use it too it's full potential?

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