SilverStone Precision Series PS07 Micro ATX Case Ships Mid-November



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Six Drives ?!?!? That's NOT a Micro case!

A Micro ATX case should be more like 210mm x 210mm x 140mm



I like the matte black design there. Why don't more PC manufacturers use designs like this?



So basically it's a Sugo03f/temjin08e with a door.

Reminds me of an Antec P180.

Were they bored?

Is this a try at selling down back stock of that base chassis?




Odd offering- a vertical mitx case clearly aimed at the enthusiast market with high air flow- since it appears that, for other than the HTPC crowd, there doesn't appear to be much going on in the mitx for the enthusiast crowd.  The only enthusiast mitx sandy bridge boards out there are from Asrock & Zotac- both z68 boards and both have been a disappointment.  So I don't know who this case is for as HTPC folks are typically looking for a horizontal case solution.

I could say that if you build a case they will come (the board makers, that is) but clearly there are many enthusiasts mitx cases out there, and yet the board makers haven't.  Strange days.

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