Silverstone Launches Raven RV02 Mid-Tower



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Dude............ where have u been? The RV01 has always supported water cooling. They included the brackets for the rear mount radiator in the box. 

Anyway, there's n actual review of the RV02 at last. All this while we've been fed with pictures from Computex only.  See the actual review at-



The last I heard water cooling involved doing some cutting on the back of the case or trying to run them out the top. On most cases making my own water inlet/outlet isn't a problem, but I really wouldn't want to mess up the nice back on the RV01. I'll have to see if I can find any more info on the radiator mount, but the only water cooling designs I have seen have been internal which I am not a fan of.


edit* I did alot of searching after reading your comment and found a very in depth review for the RV01 showing the rear radiator mount. You have to remove the back of the case to mount it and its unlcear if you have to leave the back off or mod it. If anyone has pictures of one of these cases with water cooling installed I would love to see it. Its comming down to the wire on buying a case and if water cooling can work without ruining the aesthetics of this case I would pull the trigger on it right now.

anyone insterested in the review can find it here:



While I loved the looks of the RV01 case, I really wished it was alluminum and had support for water cooling. The new case seems to support water cooling, but it's still steel and now the front panel looks a little fugly to me. Include these fixes in the RV01 and I am sold, until then I'm still leaning towards cooler master for my next build.

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