SilentMaxx Offers A Silent, Passively Cooled Sandy Bridge-E Gaming PC With Discrete Graphics



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I don't understand the obssession with silent PC's, I prefer my machines to sound like ravenous monsters.



Now what they really need to work in is something similar to those mufflers they make for cars/bikes that make them sound louder but for the fan. I want mine to sound like a Challenger or a Mustang

but seriously, why sacrifice power/speed for silence? Once the sound starts coming out from the speakers (or if you use headphones) and you start playing that noise goes away!



Perhaps a well-placed Baseball card is in order, it would surely cause the significant other to grumble when nearby.


Peanut Fox

Depends on your hardware. Years ago fan noise is what pushed me to make the switch to liquid. While gaming or sitting there with headphones on it isn't an issue, if I'm writing up a word document, trying to read, or just clicking around the web a fan droning on in the background is maddening.


Duck Dodgers

If your fans are raging loud enough during word processing to be a bother, it's either time for a controller, new fans or a new PC.



Incorrect, even the quietest fans will make noise when going over a heatsink or pulling air through an opening. The sound does not come from the fan itself but the air that the fan is moving through other objects. And the point of this PC is that you don't sacrifice performance for silence, you get both.


Peanut Fox

Stock Intel fan is pretty loud. At the time it was a Q9550 at stock settings inside of a Cosmos 1010. Aside from that my hearing is pretty good.

In a quiet room I can hear the buzzing from light bulbs at 15ft.



"...which could be a hefty bill if your bringing it over to the U.S." That should be "if YOU'RE***" bring it over to the U.S."

...just saying.



there's also this:



I don't understand why you would dump so much money to get a silent pc. It's possible on a much smaller budget. I bought this case for 120 bucks on sale. .. loaded it down with 120mm fans and put rubber bands under all the screws. The machine is not audible outside of 3 inches away even at full load.



Reading about a silent PC reminds me of how noisy my computer was in the heat last week. My house had temps of mid to upper-80s (Fahrenheit) inside which caused my fans to go nuts trying to keep my CPU in the mid-30C and my video card in the low-40C (whether I was gaming or not).



Sure it can be built. It can be built and cost a f@&%ton of money. The real future of this is passively cooled PC on a chip, as in a unified architecture (with lots of power). That's a ways off still, but it will come in time.

That said, I'd love to have that PC in the article. But I might have to reinforce my desk, I bet that thing ways 100lbs with all that copper.



My rig sounds like a plane...whats this about silence?!


Brad Chacos

I've been toying with the idea of building a powerful, passively cooled and utterly silent PC. This SilentMaxx PC fills me with hope that it can actually be accomplished without destroying everything inside.

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