Silent Updates Coming to Adobe Acrobat and Reader



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 Spam filter?

 Unable to comment on this piece as I intended.  Interesting...  The trigger(s) isn't obvious but the content sensitivity is puzzling...

In any event, this new update process borked two of my machines.  One required a complete removal tool exercise followed by a reinstall.  The second machine needed an application repair (via the control panel) and then things worked. 



The removal and reinstall was lengthy and made for some long down-time, having to go thru and redo all prior updates before getting to the current one that previously failed.  There are other solid alternative applications out there - just search it.  These guys are too big for their own good, with their silent updates and their borkware.  Too many individual update files loaded in serial fashion is nonsense.

n / i / t / r / o portable document format is a good one and seems solid from my perspective.

n / i / t / r / o  FTW!



For those of you wondering how to completely uninstall their particular portable document format writer application when things go south, there's a removal tool available on their website called wincs3clean



I also switched to Foxit long ago. Why? because everytime I tried to update it would fail and I would then have to delete Adobe, clean out my PC of any remaining files and then redownload. What a pain for something I dont even use but once every six months.



I stopped using Acrobat Reader and switched to Foxit a while back, because of the fact that every time it started, it would lag out, and insist on updating - now Foxit is nearly getting that bad too... Although I'm not a fan of programs doing things without my knowledge, this would be less annoying.



Sumatra for the win.

So I guess this means Adobe can, at will, push out patches that are later discovered to have massive security flaws? Um, no thianks. 

It's already annoying that on every install and update they put shit in your startup keys and install services without asking. Again, no thanks.

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