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Bought a discounted Gen1 when the Gen2 came out, knowing the Gen3 was the next real step up.



Ultrabook with IB +
Samsung Galaxy S3



I own an iPad 2, at the time I bought it there really weren't any viable compeditors on the market (Samsungs 10" was banned in Australia), plus I am not a big fan of Android, tried it, don't like it (prefer Windows 7 for phones to either Android or IOS).

Considering the (virtually) confirmed features for iPad 3, I will probably upgrade, but only after selling the iPad 2 so the upgrade only ends up costing me $200 or so.

Some people hate Apple and everything they make for virtually no reason, others hate "PC" and everything not Apple, again for virtually no reason, I prefer to try everything and make my own mind up on a device by device basis, not just parroting what I read online and subscribing to internet tribalism.

I would strongly consider a Windows 8 tablet at a similar price range (under $800) if it could run desktop applications such as Photoshop, and if it has a good (8 hours plus) battery time, the battery time is honestly one of the things I love most about the iPad, as I travel a lot.

That being said it would be a shame to waste all of my already purchased apps considering I don't use any other Apple products currently.

TLDR; make your own minds up, don't listen to haters on either side of the "debate".



reading this on my Xoom... so no LOL.



I've never owned a tablet thus far. If the rumors are true about the specs/res I may be willing to snag one. I just won't be standing in some line for it. Probably try to write it off as an educational expense while I'm at it.



I have an i7 desktop, a notebook, a Nook Simple Touch and a nice Android phone. I can't imagine why I would need an iPad or any other tablet for that matter. So, no, I will not be getting one.



My Dad just bought an Asus Transformer Prime. It's a gorgeous piece of hardware, and I immediately lusted after it like it was a supermodel.

Then I used it.

The Transformer Prime is one of the best tablets available according to everything I've read, but, well, it's a tablet, and all it did for me is confirm I don't want one. They are gorgeous; they are improving technology I hope to see on notebooks and desktops. Apple gets a huge chunk of credit for making screens with high density pixel counts that I hope to see on desktop monitors.

And, they are slow and clumsy. I was stunned at how sluggish the thing was - even more so because my Dad complains about Vista and Win 7 being sluggish, but loves his Transformer Prime. (I keep telling him something is wrong with his computer, I don't have and don't know anyone with the problems he has, but he'd rather hate Windows than listen.)

They are Coolz Toyz, no doubt, but I think they are a fad and will be replaced by ultrabooks and smart phones, hardware that can do the different jobs the tablet tries to do in a much better way.

As far as buying an iPad over an Android unit - there are some things Apple does well, and smart phones, notebook computers, and tablets are areas they excel in. No tablet is for me, but I hardly blame anyone for buying an iPad if they want a tablet.




Nope. For couch surfing I have a laptop with a real OS. For mobile I have a phone. Despite trying very hard, I can't manage to convince myself I have any use for a tablet.



I've got a 2 and none of the features leaked / assumed for the 3 are impelling enough to me to consider an upgrade anytime soon. Direct connectivity to 3rd Party devices doesn't seem likely anytime soon, nor does user-added storage, so...

If anything, I'm more interested in what the next iOS upgrade might have to offer, as that seems to have the niggling things that bug me most. Off the top of my head -

- Notifications: largely sucks. Allow the Lock Screen to offer active (dare I say it) Tiles if the user so desires.
- Mail: allow me to add attachments directly to emails directly from the program and not only thru futzing about in another program. For a company hoping to leverage businesses away from other mobile OSs, this is a serious lapse.
- Reminders: would it kill Apple to have the List View of one's reminders listed by date, rather than by last imputed?
- Newsstand: allow users to delete it, hide it in an user folder or, if you gotta keep it, incorporate it into iBooks, as is done with newsstand purchases in the Kobo Reader. Also, don't bury the subscription service to Newsstand in an arcane location within iTunes, but in the app itself.



I'll buy a tablet when they aren't ARM. I do too much work with x86 and x86-64 tech to like/use anything as big as a tablet with an ARM.
Phone ARM, no problem.
Awesome glasses with ARM and a HUD made with transparent OLED. SURE!
No tablet... yet.



I was going to buy the iPad back in December 2011 but that was way out of my price range.

So I went with the Toshiba Thrive which I bought for $269. I love it! Plus it's inherently has a full size HDMI and SDHC; if I want to watch movie on the big screen I attach a $2 HDMI cord to my plasma flatscreen and get full HD experience.



I won't be, but honestly the brainless Apple-hating is annoying. I have nothing against them, I just don't care for Mac OS or iOS. I like my Kindle Fire for reading books and mags so my tablet needs are filled.



Not going to buy one, but not going to bash apple either. The iPad is a pretty good device for the price, and if you are invested in the apple eco-system, then you are pretty much locked in and it is a no brainer- as stated by user above. Hey to each his own, a devices value is perceived by the person buying it.



I have an iPad 2 and because I don't think it's the best eReader I have a Kindle.



It is sad how people get manipulated so easily - paying 5-8 times more to get the exactly the same experience as a normal PC user. If this isn't a nonsense I don't know what else is.

iPad 3 will be definitely get skipped, I am waiting for W8 tablets to come out. Look and will definitely be more promising than this overpriced cutting board established on a solid technological communism.

The odd thing, ladies and gentlemen, is that people are still puzzled about their tech devices despite paying tons of money for it.
You pay a lot more for what?
1. Using Microsoft office - available on both
2. Using a browser - available on both
3. Play games - mainly available on PC
4. Get more freedom - mainly available on PC
5. Being pretty - only Mac
6. More secure - the security depends on the device behind the keyboard

The same experience, bigger price... nonsense!

I wish people were more educated



I think a lot, or most even, buy a tablet to supplement their PC's, not replace them. In my opinion it's just another fad or "cool toy" to have and people will realize their limitations after buying one. I know friends that bought one and hardly use it anymore, or bought one and was unhappy with the stuff they couldn't do with it.



Will agree with most except, unlike the PC you can't really take it with you unless windows is on a tablet, but then defeats the purpose of what you can actually run. The rules in the computer world has changed. Not many people are buying computers these days. And yes sadly enough, people will pay ton of money for them too. In the end, its what you want to do with your money i guess.

The big difference is you can have a browser on the go. Smartphones and tablets especially.



Would never consider it. The architecture is too closed. I'm sure it's going to be just friggin' wonderful and all that.

'Recently got a Transformer Prime. This thing kicks serious boo-tay!

Micro-SD Card Slot
Quad-Core Tegra 3 (very fast)
LONG battery life

Plus Keyboard Dock:
Full-sized SD card slot
Standard USB port
Additional battery

It's no contest against the iPad 1 or 2. We'll see abouth the 3. Probably not though. I'm sure the 3 will have a better screen. The screen on the TF201 is pretty damned rockin' though.

Put the Android OS together with OverSkreen Browser (multi-floating window browser), and Stick It!, and you've got a real contender vs anything Apple branded.



I'll pass. If I wanted a tablet, I'd get a Kindle Fire.



I'm saving my money waiting for a price drop on the Samsung Series 7 slate, especially now that Win 8 CP is out. Win 8 has given my convertible netbook a new lease on life. Can't wait to use it on a real CPU.



Fuck Apple. TF201 Rulez.



Hell no. Happy with my Transformer for no. Rooted and overclocked the thing flat out flies. Next tablet with be Android or Win 8, with a high resolution screen (1920 x 1200 preferred) and be able to read regular SD cards.



Me, me... please let me wait outside the store overnight just so I can get a shot at giving you all my monies ....



After playing with it for about a week now, I'll be waiting for a windows 8 tablet.



Definitely not interested into buying into Apple's closed ecosystem in any way.

Honestly, I think Windows 8 holds the most promise for tablets. It's a full-featured OS after all, which appeals to me as a power user. iOS and Android are fine to appeal to the masses, but I've been holding off on buying a tablet until I can get something that can be reliably used for development.



"Definitely not interested into buying into Apple's closed ecosystem in any way."

Yeah that's definitely what it is. I didn't know much about smart phones when I bought my iPhone 3GS a little more than 2 years ago. When I finally left crappy AT&T this fall I ended up going with the iPhone 4S because I had invested so much money in music and apps. The Android phones I was looking at were the same price so I'd have to pony up more cash to replace all that content. It's probably just going to get worse as I continue to buy more Apple phones so maybe I just need to suck it up and make the switch in 2 more years.

Don't get me wrong, I mostly like the iPhone, but I hate Apple (ironically) and all the other standard negatives that comes with the iPhone such as no Flash support.



Double post



I might get one if I have the money and the features are really good. I have yet to see a competitor put out a tablet that interests me... which is actually really sad.

Still, these are the results of questions asked to a bunch of people on the internet, by some ad network. You could have been asking about dragons and magic beans and you'd probably get similar answers.

MaxPC, I'm getting a little tired of my comments being eaten between the Preview and Posting stages.



I will be buying 1 or 2 unless the new features are uninspiring. My wife has the first iPad. She almost certainly will be getting a new one. I might opt for using her old one for a while--again if the new offering is uninspiring.



Would I buy an iPad from Patent Troll, Inc. (Apple, Inc.)? No. ;)



I am in! As an owner of iPad 1, I skipped on the second iteration. 2048x1536 is absurd and I find it hard to believe a device so small can push that many pixels. I guess I will believe it when I see it in my cold, sweaty hands. Yes, I own most Apple product, all current consoles and have two PC's (one for media streaming, and a 3d gaming PC) - the thing that overwhelmingly takes most of my times is the iPad.



1) Fanboys

2) People that know nothing about technology

3) Money to waste

4) Brainwashed by advertising and everybody else that owns an Apple product



5) People who enjoy their products and love the solid build quality, style, simplicity, and the 'it just works' functionality.

Get off your high horse, and realize that just because a product isn't worth a purchase for you, that it's not worth it for someone else.



Yup, I think that pretty much covers it.

I have yet to give Apple a single penny of my money. I don't see why this should change any time soon.

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