Should PC Makers Bow Out of the Tablet Market?



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Holly Golightly

I feel that there is still a future for them. Problem with Dell is that they are heavily focused with Intel. Intel processors are often extensive and not big on battery life. So I can only imagine Dell's Windows 8 tablet will probably be over $1,000... Just a feeling. As for HP, They know how to make affordable products. I am not sure I would trust HP though. After what they did to Palm? I would hate to spend $500 on a device just to have its support ended early. Then there is Acer, to me they make great designs, but I question their quality. These 3 companies are pretty famous for making laptops well above $500. It would be nice to see them use more AMD and ARM and less of expensive Intel. 

If they want to be successful. All they have to do is look at the past. HP liquidated their TouchPad, which sold incredible well despite being a dead platform. What sell is price. This is why Kindle and Nook are doing so damn well. It was never about the apps. Apps are good, but they are just the icing on the cake. The Asus Transformer does not have exclusive apps or content, yet that seems to sell so well too. Although the Transformer offers a hybrid solution no tablet can really pull off, yet. I feel this is the future. A tablet I can take with me on the go. Something fun. However, when it is time to get busy with my productivity tools, I must have a keyboard a mouse. The Asus Transformer gives me the best of both worlds. I know, off topic.

My advice for these 3 big companies are to just make a quality tablet at the most reasonable price for the consumer. We have seen that the consumer is not concerned with things like Gorilla Glass, or Hard Drive space... As suggested with the TouchPad and Kindle Fire. Yes, the iPad sells, but that is because they are the trend of today. They have plenty of apps, but many of them are not quality apps. Only some of them. The Nook was originally popular because of its' price. I want a device that is built to last. Absolutely no plastic. I want one that is affordable in price, but not cheap on technical features. I want something that is versitile. Apps are not my top priority, but it better run everything I want, otherwise what is the point? I also want something with universal support. I want to be able to type in any language I please while running any program I want in any language, regardless where it was made.  Lastly, I want something exclusive like a stylus or a removable keyboard... Something that make it cool, yet a fashionable statement. In otherwords, I want the perfect tablet that may replace my Pearl Adamo 13.



Yes it's time to bail because Windows 8 tablets are coming. So watch out as they take over the tablet market! LOL!


I don't think so!


Tablets are just a gadget fad that will come and go just like the netbook. There will be a select market for those who like the format but will fizzle over time. In enterprise it will be used for certain functions like taking inventory and similar circumstances. I really don't see a big market for enterprise at least not at my company.



If the Asus Eee Pad Slider SL101 came with Windows 7 it would make a nice enterprise tablet PC.  Although this comes with Polaris Office 3.0 for word processing, it would be nice to have Microsoft Office.



the writer makes some strong points, lower end is already spoken for and has features that the masses wish. apple has strangled the upper end with the litigation - no one will move there now unless apples patents are struck down.

Microsoft has played a part too by pushing litigation threats on vague patents for Android- thus cutting into any profit to be made on what should be a cost free os.- that ensures revenue stream for LinuX base to MS (and sets up larger patent wars later) as well as ensures only WIN8 will be available if a tablet contender for mid market comes out

as for enterprise- most large companies still do not have a use for them- they still need to provision 2 pieces of equipment - laptop and pad- so unless the tablet becomes robust enough to truly be a replacement this double hit will be for targeted individuals (techies and Upper Management) only



How about competing for the enterprise market, which none of the above mentioned tablet manufacturers, Apple included, target now? I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from people who want a table that will just work well with office and pdf files, and I do not mean just opening them, but editing, creating, and filing with their companies document management system. Citrix is a bear to use on iOS and Android, forget about creating long emails or documents with a touchscreen KB, and do not even mention a usb KB, as you might as well invest in a laptop then. Someone who can develop a tablet that can address these points, that supports both touch and contains a slide out KB, will own the enterprise market for a long time, and that is where the money is, as you can sell a tablet for 500 or 600 to a company vs. and individual, and they will purchase it, if it meets their needs, as 600 is still much cheaper than spending 1400 on a laptop.



I agree completely.

I'm calling it now, Dell Inspiron Duo style notebooks (a screen that flips around and functions like a tablet when closed) in thinner and lighter Ultrabook dimensions with Windows 8 are going to rule the market within 2 years.

Where Apple is afraid to cut into their MacBook sales by increasing the usability of the iPad, Microsoft is actually willing to take a chance on innovation by attempting to merge the tablet market with the mobile PC (notebook) market. And I believe that's what people want (even if they don't realize it). Who wants to carry around a smartphone, tablet, and notebook? The usage of each device overlaps too much, it's one too many markets. And I think that Microsoft currently has the best vision of how to bring this 3 device model down to a 2 device model with Windows 8. And even though a lot of the older generation is going to despise Windows 8 for such a radical shift, the younger generation is going to eat it up. Mark my words. 


Holly Golightly

I tried the Dell Inspiron Duo. This is an amazing quality hybrid laptop. A little slow, but very nice. I like it alot. There are a few tablets already competing for the enterprise markets... I guess none have made it through just yet. I mean, look at the asking price of the HP Slate 500!!!

Another tablet that is competing for the corporate market is the Blackberry Playbook which is plenty capable-enough for any business. It seems to be the right size, and with the next update, hopefully it will be the best corporate tablet in the market.

Dell does have a new corporate tablet in town. I do not know if you like Dells or not, but this should be a good choice for you as it has plenty of options of business users such as yourself.

Overall, there are a few tablets out there dedicated for the business market. Just none that compete on the same level as the iPad just yet... To be honest with you, I do not know if any will ever be more popular than the iPad. Sadly, it gets credit for being the original. But yes, I understand what you mean about the whole USB support. I can picture Lenovo making a fully versitile IdeaPad/ThinkPad tablet. It just has to happen.

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