Should Google Remove Chrome's URL Bar?



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And the nunber of phishing and XSS attacks increases tenfold. I like my URL visible all the time, thank you very much.



Nahh, the interface doesn't consume much space anyway. This is just being annoying, not helping.



good point Phinaeus and someuid. Why not have a choice in what interface we can run?? Everyone wins that way. Personally if Chrome would run in full screen mode AND i could hot key the tabs to dropdown/appear or bump the top of the screen  an interface one line or two would be moot.

just sayin'




Will one more line really save so much room that it will transform the browsing experience in Chrome? I say give the users a choice and move on to things like extending the framework so things like LastPass can be made 100% Chrome compatible.



Bleh.  What is this insane need to pick just ONE layout?  Its a software program that runs on a freakin' PC.  There should be like 19,803,752 options available to users.

Hey, Google, why not concentrate on a dialog box that helps the user pick between DIFFERENT layout options, rather than spin wheels on the pointless task of trying to decide which option is the best.  There is no one option that is best because there are countless screen sizes, hardware devices, and uses for a web browser.

I'll stick with Chrome for now, but too much muckery of the UI, for little to no gain, could drive me away. Away to what I don't know, probably Firefox or Opera.  I shudder at the thought.

If this is for little screen hardware devices, the argument is still moot.  Give users to ability to pick the option THEY want.  Don't force them all into the same neat little box.



Hell no it should not be removed.

I do not use bookmarks.  they take too long.  I either type in the address or use autocomplete from previous site visits.



Chrome doesn't need to do away with the UI it currently has. Why do they feel it needs to use less real estate from my screen? It already has plenty of grey pixels its pissing away even on this site. 


I think classic is fine. 




I kind of agree with him (kirbyzdashiznit), but moreso with you (biggiebob and leper) - i consider myself a power user and run IE8 (IE6 in XP Mode) Chrome Dev 11 - Firefox and Opera all with their respective versions of the plugins and extensions that i like, but i don't let them run rampant and i as well have a stable system. But becuause i use each of them so much (for testing and developement purposes as well as leisure) i prefer to use chrome because its latency is nonexistant compared to ff Opera's a close second for me and both of them have a sexier interface than ff (though i've tried the skins and what not, i just havent found aui scheme for ff that looks as nice as GC or Opera)

About that interface change - im open to give each a new try, but off the bat - the sidebar one is just an effing joke and a PITA for web developers - theres already a bevy of PITA [insert name of blah blah app here] top bars killing our real estate on peoples browsers - if the sidebar becomes a trend for people that make the toolbars - then it'll be two areas of clutter...

and for the nav in the tabs area - thats definitely not going to jive with people that have zillions of tabs open at a time...




Power users pick chrome over firefox, chrome deals with crashes bette, chrome is fast, handles extensions and apps better than firefox, And chrome has a nicer ui.



I guess you're not a fan of high performance and a clean ui /facepalm

But anyways i think giving people the option to choose either or would be really nice. More realistate is always a bonus :)



Firefox runs fast and runs fine for me Leper1983. I tried Chrome and just do NOT like the interface.




I personally like the classic layout as is...nothing should change.




I can't stand Chrome, and this is another reason for me to hate it. I'll stick with the superior Firefox, thank you!



I thought that we we're supposed to check the URL to prevent us from hitting a "phishing" site. Doesn't the lack of a URL bar prevent this?

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