Shocking! Study Finds Gaming Makes You Fat, Nerdy



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"If you go to the opera, and notice that the majority of opera-goers are
wealthy, it is not a proper conclusion that going to the opera makes
you wealthy."

Well said.  

The problem with this study is that even if there is a link between gaming and the stated conditions, you can't simply state that all gamers are fat and depressed or that gaming will make you fat and depressed.  Maybe some of these people have been obese their whole lives, making them unpopular and thus introverted.  Is it not understandable that these people might look to video games as a form of stimulation. 

I have no doubt there is a link between gaming and these conditions, but I've yet to be convinced of a causal relationship.  

Yet another example of the lack of any real information that can be extracted from quantitative research. It just shows a lack of intelligence that we place so much faith in silly numerical data.

 "60 percent of the time, it works every time."



Another fail of correlation vs. causation.

If you go to the opera, and notice that the majority of opera-goers are wealthy, it is not a proper conclusion that going to the opera makes you wealthy.

I'm not saying there isn't anything to a possible connection, but a blind regurgitation of survey numbers with an implication that there's a causal relationship is just plain bad "science".



Statistics also show that 5 out of 4 people have trouble with math.



The amazing thing is that 72% of all statistics can be made up on the spot!



 well yeah, but 64% of all people know that.

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I Jedi

Yeah, if you need to find a place to find the fat, lazy gamers out there, then look no further than WoW.



Most gamers that they are talking about are probably Hardcore WOW players / FPS players. I'm 23 and am not overweight by any means even though I play games for about 2-4 hours every other night. When I'm not chillin with friends or having sex with my girl I'll jump online for a few hours. I think the kinds of people they are talking about become depressed due to lack of social and physical activites. If they are not getting laid and they are not outside exercising or engaging in social octivites offline then heck why wouldn't they be depressed???


People should know when they have been conquired!



I fall into the same area as you, in the lower part of that age sample. I am underweight, and i play ideo games for an average of 2 hours a night give or take (mostly take) but i play with real life friends who live near and far away from me. Also, blaming WoW is wrong. I played that game as much as any other shooter out there, and didn't waste time in it. When i played, i got stuff done, when i wasn't playing, i was doing something else.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



1st its a study cited by msnbc so we counter that with one cited by cbs about how the video games   hone the mind .

2nd lets look at the study in question of Investigators from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emory University and Andrews University analyzed survey data from 552 adults in the Seattle-Tacoma area....its info from a survey!its less than 1000 people an its target area is sufers from Seasonal Affective Disorder  about 10% of the poulation acording to

we dont know the make up of the study just it was a survey in seatle tocoma area because internet use is up their.well gee surly that has nothing to do with the weather or any thing.they may watch or listen to tv while gameing an thus may contrubute to depression.

then again tears nice holes in msnbc conclusions as well as the cdc.


"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)



I'm 36, introverted, a gamer (not casual), and single... [* Hello, ladies! *]

I also just lost about 50 pounds on the "Unemployed-so-cannot-afford-processed-convenience-foods-plus-I'm-not-that-good-a-cook Diet." Being a 160 pound weakling, I guess I'm in the minority. [ * Hello, ladies! *]

It's a good thing the study isn't conclusive, or I'd have to [once again] take offense at some bunch of overpaid pHds in lab coats making slightly better than random guesses ---this time apparently ignoring where people's heads are, in their study group...

IMHO, gaming is keeping more gamers FROM going "up in the tower with a rifle," than go up there (or to a mall), to "play for real..."

How many "gamers" do you know, in the 65-90 year-old range?? My parents do solitaire, and I guess they are over-weight too ---but that is from before the solitaire...

Every time I hear about one of these 60% bogus-sounding studies, I remember the line from Ghostbusters: "I like working at the University --they give us money, and don't expect any results..." (I've probably paraphrased.)



i love video games as much as the next 21 year old kid, but i'm in no way an overweight kid. most of this summer i havent even had time to play video games because i've been out working and having fun with my friends and going on trips. i wish i had more time to sit at home and play halo!



Hmmm... Every guy that goes to my lan parties and plays with me is on the water polo team and is at least pretty ripped looking including myself. I don't know one true gamer that is fat. (ie. not a wow player)



survey data from 522 adults ranging in age from 19 to 90 and living in the Seattle-Tacoma

Tacoma, what can I say but it smells bad and crime is high, the
average nerd must cower indoors to prevent daily muggings and or sodomy. On the rare occasion when a Tacoma gamer leaves their wheelie chair to brave the harsh ghetto that is Seattle-Tacoma they must be quick and efficient scavenging machines. Leaving the nerd cave, their eyes will be bombarded with UV sun rays forcing them to squint and leave them yearning for the warm glow of their LCD, but they must soldier on. First to the local game shop where they can feel safe in the comfort of shiny boxes the familiar smell of warm electronics, and a companion nerd-linger. The next and most important stop of all is the grocery store. Nerds must be careful to only select foods that have extraordinarily long shelf lives, as to avoid an unplanned trip back into this hell-hole city. This of course limits them from all produce, fresh meats and cheeses.Therefor nerds have implemented a new theory of nutrition, "Trickle-Down" theory. If you have ever seen a classic food pyramid you will find bread at the bottom layer, next with meat, veggies, then dairy, and fruit, and what do we find at the top of the health pyramid, non other than the building block of life "Grease/Fat". Trickle-Down theory proposes that nerds need only ingest mass quantities of fat and the nutritious goodness of fat will then trickle-down to the lower levels of the food pyramid. Trust me I read this in "Scientific Proof Magazine".



 well im not 35 but i am overweight...


But is it fat or muscle? I dunno


I care a 20+ lbs bag of tech suppies to and from work, and anytime else i'm on the town. I'm unusally strong for my girl and run a fair distence. but i work (and play) in front of a monitor for 70% of the day

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yes if you are the guy in the articles picture, playing games does make you fat and nerdy. however a great many gamers practice moderation, and while they may play games quite a bit, they often hang out with friends and are physicaly active. too much of a good thing is bad. I play games. i also hang out with my friends every chance i get and love playing basketball. stupid stereotypes...



It could also mean that gamers tend to have an epic amount of muscle, provided they didn't measure the actual fat levels of the test subjects. BMI doesn't actually calculate much, if you're overweight you can be either overweight with fat, muscle, or something else.



It dosent take a genious to figure out that sitting on a couch 8h a day doing nothing but eating doritos and drinking pepsi between fraggings is gonna cause you to look like john candy!

but for depression... i think it could be a type of chicken or the egg question

do gamers get depressed from lack of social contact and human touch or pulling an "angry german kid" cause they can beat a certan boss or level.... OR! do people with less then perfect social skills causing them to be social out casts, gravitate towards a world where you escape from the harsh real world!

Man can run harder ans longer then even a horse so get out there and move! move! move!

you'll leave all thoes extra pounds in the dust! -57LBS for my self! and dont feel stupid about running if your fat! id feel worse eating a bigmac if i was 300LBs then i would running down a street





Obviously, you are not the "genious" that conducted this study. Please use spell check, and please quit being the internet's a**hole. There are plenty of them out there, do we really need more?





Angry German Kid was fake



maybe i dont realy care but we've all done it or seen someone go coocoo bananas and throw shit around and groule at the tv! (e.g. : Gamefly comercials like the ones on revision3)



shocker. But again, this is a huge stereotype.  I'm a huge gamer and big MaxPC fan, yet I also swim 10+ times a week. Not all gamers are out of shape and im pretty sure that only a small portion look like that.  I've always thought that gamers usually look pretty in-shape actually. So yet another bad connotation to associate with gamers like us.


Joe D

I can't imagine that sitting around and not exercising could lead to this....ummm. Luckily most of us "gamers" do keep active lives outside of gaming and creating awesome mods to household items! I seriously can't see how someone could not realize that playing games all the time could lead to this. My friends and I love to play games but keep active while not playing. I mean it's really not that hard to exercise 30 mins to an hour a day. Look at all those players in the MLG, most of them aren't overweight and most seem to look pretty healthy. Another stereotype set for "gamers" here.


"World of Warcraft is real life but with Night Elves and Orcs" quoted by my brother



In other news, scientists have just found out that water is wet!



Didn't you just post an entry last night stating the same thing and citing the same study?“gamer_diet”_fails_shed_pounds_prevent_aging


Sometimes you guys are just plain dumb. 




To the stereotype comment guy, you are the exception to the rule. If the average is an overweight 35 year old, then that is the average, not just a stereotype.



Its a survey not a census so....

its a guestimet not the gospel it could go either way more or less but its still pretty close

and also your pro gamer is not your average gamer either

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