Sharkoon Launches $15 Compact Keyboard for Gamers



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Is the keyboard backlit? I saw in the software they were changing what looked like backlight colors. But I didn't notice it on the keyboard itself. $15 for that feature alone would suffice for me.



My rig now consist of 2 SSD's, 6950 Crossfire, 3TB storage, 2600k@2.6, dual 27inch monitors, an upgraded corsair PSU, and all the led fans the corsair case would fit.
I have spent $1000 upgrading my rig since I built it. (second SSD, second monitor, bigger psu, second gpu)


I am still using the old Pixo keyboard and Microsoft mouse.


tell me, am I really missing out on BF3 for not having that Rat mouse and corsair FPS keyboard. I just couldn't bring myself to spend almost $200 on peripherals.
Convince me


Peanut Fox

Given the choice I wouldn't use a vanilla keyboard or mouse. Really the choice is up to use, and you're the only one that has to be pleased.



The scroll wheel on my eight-year old, three-button Logitech MX310 died at the beginning of June (see the wear patterns below). I couldn't find a mouse that fit my hand as well, so I ended up going with a RAT7. I have to admit, I'm enjoying it quite a lot, now that the two weeks of tweaking are done. Not sure it's worth the $75 that Newegg has it for, but I don't see how it could be any better.

I am still using the Logitech multimedia keyboard I bought at the same time as that mouse, too. Never felt the need for a "gaming keyboard."



never seen a gaming keyboard for less than $59. they must plan on making up the difference in mass sales or the hardware used is really cheap.

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