Shadows Lengthening Over Broadcast TV: Analyst (Spoiler: Piracy is to Blame)



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I think what will change is how television subscriptions work. We are moving away from getting our media at predetermined times and on predetermined mediums. TiVo has done away with much of that nonsense. At some point, we'll subscribe to just the networks, and be given access to the entire library of media that network contains. Nonetheless, the old fashioned "throw in all the channels" cable subscription will never go away. In some way, people want to have certain shows or programs scheduled by someone other than themselves, it gives them media structure. 

I mean, if The Price is Right was on demand instead of aired, what would Grandma do every morning? Wait for the feed to go live and then tap in? On second thought, that sounds like a good idea for the media companies, have people clammering to activate a live feed. 



In an average month, I might watch 2-3 hours of live television. My daily average is 30 minutes of DVR'd content and an hour of Netflix rentals. Everything else I watch on YouTube or from our DVD collection. Piracy doesn't even enter the picture.



The only time you'll catch me sitting in front of the boobtube is if Dexter is on, or I dont have access to a computer. That being the case, almost everyone I know still watches TV regularily so I think Anthony is just spewing crazy talk. Like I've said before, there will always be people who want hard copies of things they purchase so I don't think distribution of non-digital mediums will even disapear over the next few hundred years let alone the next few years.

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