Several US ISPs Hijacking And Redirecting Their Customers' Search Queries



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Now even my innocent search queries are being exploited.. I just want to know where to find a good recipe of creme brulee, jeez..

Fisher Capital Management Warning




OpenDNS is also advertising funded so LOL at all those citing it as the saviour.



Briefly worked for a company that dealt Hughes as one of their side projects. Watching the sales representatives attempt to upsell that piece of shit service was disgusting. Viewing the brochure for a price-to-speed comparison was horrid. Every other small detail about Hughes made me want to vomit. This is actually one of the lesser atrocities being performed by those fucks.


If those other ISPs are anything like Hughes, then I'd suspect that the customers are being screwed in so many aspects that this is one of the least of their worries.



The need for net neutrality is abundantly clear.



Mediacom already does such a thing. Though they are slightly mor eupfront about it. Imagine my shock when I was at a customer's house doing an insiatll, typed in a search for belkin in my address bar in firefox, and got a big old "Mediacom Search" banner instead of my default search page.

I felt dirty.



I remember that page. Mediacom was the only viable ISP for me a few years ago. During the early years the service was terrible and was always being shut off for supposed maintenance. Then things started going well enough until they completely disabled the service for 3 weeks and refused to credit me anything.


Here's to hoping some day businesses in general are held to a higher standard. One where fucking over your customers and telling "Kabir" to use the name "Joe" over the phone are viewed as despicable by the companies themselves, because these days our frustrations mean nothing.


At least tell "Joe" to use his real name.



An ISP started doing this in Canada a few years back, to much outrage. (well, not exactly the same thing...)

Nip this in the bud.


I Jedi

If I read the article right, these ISPs are redirecting search traffic V.I.A. http proxy servers. If this is true, it gives all the more reason for many users to use OpenDNS over the default choice from an ISP. I have Road Runner, so I'm thankful they're not actively engaging in trying to shape my data traffic.


Holly Golightly

Wha??? Boy, the day Cablevision highjacks their Optimum Online like myself, is the day I leave them forever!

I heart Bloomingdales.

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